Situations may arise where you have to change the server of your database. In some circumstances, you may have to migrate your database from SQL Server to MySQL. This conversion and migration of the database involve great amount of careful planning. All the planning is required to make sure that there is sufficient amount of performance and reliability. It will also avoid any chances of data loss and corruption during the conversion process. There will be fewer chances of system downtown as well. You will have to face lesser risks.

To make the conversion process of the database from SQL Server to MySQL easy and simpler some special software have been designed. The software have special tools to transfer all database objects from the source DBMS to the target. These database objects also include table definitions with necessary attributes (null flag, default values, etc), data, indexes and constraints, views. Following are some of the basic features which need to be present in the Advanced SQL Server to MySQL database converter:

  •   It should be able to provide you with high-performance database migration for greater efficiency
  •   It should support and work on all Windows including Windows 7,8 & 10
  •   Moreover, the converter should also support all the version of MySQL and MS SQL (including Azure SQL).
  •   For users to easily use the software it should have a user-friendly interface
  •   For automating and scheduling option it should support the command line feature
  •   It should have options of merging and synchronizing the existing MySQL database with MS SQL data.
  •   It should also support for Unicode and complete installation and uninstallation process.

One of the amazing tools which incorporate all these features is MS SQL to MySQL converter. Intelligent Converters developed this tool. This is a software company which specializes synchronization and database conversion since 2001. Thus, it has been in this business sector for more than fifteen years. The company claims that this database converter has all the above capabilities and other advantages as follows:

  •   In rare cases where the MySQL server is not able to accept remote connections, the program has the ability to export data into SQL script file. Basically, in this approach, the MS MS SQL data is exported into a local file. This local file contains data definition (DDL) statements which create tables with all the necessary indexes and constraints to fill them with data. This will help database specialists to import files to MySQL server using the standard tools like phpMyAdmin.
  •   Moreover, in some situations, it is required to convert partial data from tables or merge files into one file. Thus, the converter software helps you in doing so and allows converting the result of SELECT queries which are run against the source SQL Server database.
  •   Furthermore, it has the “custom column mapping” to change column name or type in the final database. In addition to this, you can also specify table type according to what you want such as SAM, MyISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB.


You might be thinking about the possibility to buy instagram likes and this means that you should know what to expect about it and such. In line with this, it would be nice if you can make sure that you know all about it so that you would have nothing to worry about and you know the terms and conditions that you will be getting into. In line with this, here are some of the few things that you should be able to expect when you decide to buy those instagram likes for your posts.

Quick delivery

One of the things that you can expect would be the fact that you are going to get quick delivery which means to say that after you have ordered and paid for it, you will be getting those likes within one to three minutes and this is really something to look forward to. It is truly going to be amazing how fast the likes would grow and you will be getting exactly what it is that you want from it. It would be very easy and you will have no worries at the same time so it is indeed worth the try.


There are a lot of different packages that you can easily choose from so you would not have to worry so much about anything and just pick the one that would be able to help you out most. There are so many things out there that you can select from and you just need to select the one that you think suits what you need right at the moment and so you will get the likes that you will be needing accordingly so that you can get everything that you need and make the most out of it too.


In terms of quality, you will be able to make sure you get likes from people that are really interested in what you are doing so you will feel that your hard work is being appreciated and that it would be of the highest quality. Basically, you get to be able to showcase your talent to the right people and that would be something that you ought to take note of so this is something that you really should take a good look into and make the most out of when you think about it as well.


Last but not the least, you are going to have things very easily, there is no hassle when it comes to the transactions that you will be getting into but rather it is something that you can easily do with not even having to worry about anything at all. The entire thing is pretty straight forward and the pricing is something that you would be able to see clearly as well. You just have to think about what is going to be the best for you and that should be it and you can get it right so do try it out.



Despite the emergence of digital platforms, Commercial 2 way radios remain to be an effective communications tool for different organizations. They are simple to use, flexible, and extremely durable. But one constant point of concern about them is their range — how far can you effectively use these devices to communicate?

A quick scan on the web will lead you to answers that range from two to 40 miles. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that there is no definite answer because there are different factors that need to be considered.

Signal type. Today, most radios operate under these two common frequency ranges: VHF (very high frequency/ 130-174MHz) and UHF (ultra high frequency/ 400-520MHz). UHF wavelengths are shorter compared to VHF’s, and this makes them more effective in penetrating obstacles like concrete, metal, and wood. VHF, on the other hand, can travel greater distances but can be ineffective if there are many obstructions.

Wattage. The general rule here is that the greater the signal strength, the more your communication 2 way radios can withstand the obstacles that their signal needs to pass through. Typically, handheld radios use .5 to 5 watts (as a point of comparison, commercial radio stations broadcast at 50,000 to 100,000 watts). If you are to avail radios with higher signal power, make sure to have more durable batteries. Great batteries are needed to support radios with high wattage.

Obstructions. First and foremost, it’s important to know that radio signals can travel through several non-metallic objects — ranging from human bodies to furniture and drywall. Nonetheless, as they pass through many objects, their signal strength is inevitably reduced, subsequently limiting your radio’s range. Another “obstruction” is the presence of other objects that radio signals find it hard to penetrate. As mentioned, these include metals, woods, concretes, and even landscapes like hills.

Improving Your Two-Way Radio Range

If you want to further the range of your communication 2 way radios, here are tried-and-tested tips to help you out.

Improve your antenna. In theory, when two people who are around 6 feet tall use a typical 5-watt handheld radio (with no obstacles, and granted that they are standing on flat ground), their maximum range is about 6 miles. If you want to reach this threshold, the most fundamental thing you can is to improve your antenna. The added height provided by the antenna will also increase the distance the radio signal can travel.

Use a repeater. A repeater is a device that receives radio signals and re-transmits them with increased signal power. Entities that need a wider range — like first responder agencies — make use of this gadget to improve their communication. To make the most of it, a repeater should be installed in a tower or any tall building.

Invest in good batteries. As mentioned above, durable batteries are needed to operate radios with high wattage. Before using any handheld radios, make sure to inspect the condition of their batteries. If they’re near depletion, you might not be able to send and receive radio signals effectively. You can also use a battery tester to gauge the power level of your batteries.

Commercial 2 way radios offer a ton of benefits to businesses. If you are looking for affordable yet effective communication tools, check out Tidewater Communications today.


Irrespective of why you are working at home, if you are planning on adjusting to work at home, it is simple. What you need are the right tools and processes. All due to technology. Basically, you would need to make a small adjustment, if you are a business owner or manager. However, there are certain things you would need to do, to make the transition easy and encouraging remote work.

  • Follow Normal Routine

Of course, it might be great to catch some extra sleep as you won’t have to commute to your office. Still, it is necessary for maintaining a normal working schedule. Make sure to get up on time, shower, and get ready for beginning the work.

  • Create A Dedicated Workspace

To operate in a business-like environment, you would need to design office space at your home. So, you can work in a comfortable way. Make sure to sit on a chair or at a table, use an ergonomic chair. Ensure that you have good posture.

  • Make Your Files Online

Now you won’t need access to online classes to understand the necessity of storing your files online. Various modern businesses utilize many kinds of apps and software for handling projects, tracking time, and communicating with team members.

When you are working offline, you do have advanced notice about working out of the office. In this case, you must store the necessary files in places where you can access them remotely. Some of the major software providing online access are Dropbox, Google Drive, Invision (for design), Github (for development), and Moqups.

  • Create A Healthy Workflow

As you are your own manager right at home, you must try to manage your productivity all around the day. For structuring your day, there needs to be a clear and defined purpose. The first thing you would have to do is begin with a to-do-list. Here try to segment your task based on priority and plan accordingly.

  • Be In Touch With Latest Technology

You might think that working from home means working in isolation. Well, it is the opposite. The key to successful work from home is communication. Try to make sure that you are aware of the best technology to connect with your team. The same is with employee productivity tracking tools. There is no harm in discussing with your IT team. You can even search online for some of the best team communication tools.

Final Thoughts

For successful work from home or remote working, you need to have the necessary tools. Plus, you would have to do the day-to-day planning for making sure that your remote communication is perfect with your team.




Are you not aware of the recent gaming patterns and tricks? If so, there’s a technique that has been around for over many years that may be able to assist you fight off your competitors as well as keeping your mental state in balance. This is called as the Valorant boosting, but you might have this question on your head about what exactly is this process of boosting and how can it benefit you?

Valorant Boosting is the skilful act of allowing a professional game player that is highly skilled to play on your account in order to boost your rank and get you the superior rank that you are craving. This eminent technique of Valorant boosting is the process by which a professional Valorant player helps you with proper guidance to increase the rating of an account. The reliable websites which relates to gaming offer different methods of Valorant Boosting.

You can buy this technique of boosting for a number of valid reasons. In previous days, this technique of gaming was a very thrilling and easy which could be played at a chill mode but ever since the game of riots added the new Valorant ranked system, it paved the way of frustration to increase among the non efficient players. Thus, not everyone was able to grind the ladders as it became very hard to prove that they are truly efficient at playing Valorant. Here comes the need of Valorant boosting.

Since it required professional help for the not so witty players or new beginners to climb high so this paved the way for a lot of professional players to rightly move into it, and play it fair for you. They continue with their efforts to put a significant importance on safety measures, which includes the VPN protection as well as a complete screening process of Valorant boosters. Once you start climbing the ladder, you will definitely start enjoying the game much more than before.

The legally authorized companies offer very good quality of Valorant Boost services available in the industry. They also continue to hold this status due to a broad range of selection of safety, efficiency, and quality measures. This gaming technique does not only involves your aiming skills, mechanics, your map knowledge, communication and the ability to make use of your agents kit to the fullest potential just in order to be able to ascend to the highest ranks in the Valorant ladder.

Their efficient and skilled professionals provide a guarantee of a hundred per cent authentic cheat-free services which again solely depends on the skilfulness and pro mentality of the efficient Valorant boosters. When purchasing from the verified company, you can ensure that your account is getting the highest-quality standard treatment reasonably achievable. If you have more questions related to the safety features or the boosting process, do not wait anymore to contact to the respective websites of the company which you desire. Generally, the team operates around 24/7 so that they could provide you the best possible service and guide you through their live chat platform.

Before the advent of virtualization and distributed computing, private companies needed to put away their well-deserved cash to purchase their own servers as a major aspect of their business. On the off chance that you have your own server, companies would make use of an IT expert to deploy the same. Simultaneously, it was indicated that most servers were bought to play out specific assignments or run certain applications and rightly so.

In the event that you think this independent company has constrained access to assets, interest in innovation is restricted to the fundamentals. Subsequently, private companies, in any event until the appearance of VPS, couldn’t contend innovatively with their a lot bigger contenders. VPS hosting offers various alluring points of interest for independent companies. 

  1. Lower working expenses

The presentation of the Internet liberates private ventures from the weight of owning and working their own servers. By leasing server PC administration necessities from VPS specialist organizations, they can satisfy the specific prerequisites they require for server PCs. At the point when you set up VPS, you can get the best from your server since you just set what you need. 

As the name proposes, VPS is a private server – your server – that addresses your issues. This is the same as having your own server, then again, actually you don’t need to put resources into the underlying expenses of the physical server, you don’t need to stress over support, you don’t need to pay money related weights to oversee and keep up the server, and similarly as significant: you don’t have to stress over maturing. 

  1. Control stays with you

VPS hosting shares the positive qualities of what is owed to your own server that you have full power over your VPS. In a common situation, you “share” servers with several potential nations. Deceitful applications from one of these nations can close all. Since this is your private server, you can run whatever application you pick on that server. 

  1. Compactness

Basic issues with having a physical server are application movability and speed. You can move the application to another server. The demonstrated favorable position of VPS is application convenience. VPS accounts are overseen by the specialist organization as a picture server. On the off chance that you decide to redesign or downsize your server, your supplier can move your pictures to another server without a vacation. 

  1. Autonomous execution

VPS execution is less influenced by different clients who utilize the equivalent physical server. Whether or not it is processor, memory, memory, or transmission capacity, your VPS is less influenced than different VPS customers from your VPS hosting, in light of the fact that your supplier just allots a specific measure of assets to your VPS. 

  1. Security

Security is a typical issue of every single online organization. This is the principle explanation behind organizations when they have the possibility of redistributing their server needs to outsiders. With VPS hosting, your source documents and information can remain facilitated behind a safe part that can’t be gotten to by other specialist co-ops. The security gave by VPS is similar to having a devoted physical serverless speculation. 

  1. Dynamic scaling of IT with business 

Numerous organizations are patterned. On the off chance that you have your own physical server, you should develop before the server sends. With VPS administrations, you can begin as little as your business can and develop as your business develops. An additional advantage of this flexibility is the capacity to decrease your VPS plan if your organization goes down. 

  1. Include another server demand

At the point when independent ventures discover the advantages of internet exchanging, there is a danger of vulnerability and instability. Developing structures and architecture for VPS  is normal both on the web and offline. What the web brings to the table is the capacity to enter new business openings rapidly. VPS hosting was created for this condition. Include new VPS varying. Download them when you no longer need them. Take speculation dangers from the condition. Include the specific measure of VPS overhead in the event that you have to pay to make sure about it.


We hope you have now understood why VPS hosting is one of the fnest choices for companies in South East Asia. If you still have any doubts, do write to us in the section below with your questions and/or feedback. 

Times are tough now. With millions of Americans stuck at home, uncertain if they still have jobs to go back to after this bout with the novel coronavirus. Some have taken up part-time work to help mitigate the financial impact of the pandemic, while others have started an entirely new career out of the need for survival. 

That’s the new normal now. Survival

Perhaps the easiest way to get work is to go online and search for online freelance jobs you can do. Several good job opportunities are found in the virtual world. People are starting to flock to the online world to make a living at least for the time being. 

If you take a gander at what job opportunities are available online, you would be surprised at how easy most of these are. Whether these jobs have something to do with content marketing tasks, digital and graphics layouts, Sitefinity CMS, or virtual assistance, most of those who are knowledgeable about computers won’t have a hard time.

But what about those who are not as tech-savvy as the others? We have listed a few things that might be helpful for those who are technologically challenged. 

7 Simple Things to Know about Computers for Online Work

  1. Get to know search engines.

One of the most important things you need to learn fast is how to fully utilize search engines and make it work to your advantage. It’s more than just typing in addresses or keywords. You must learn how to filter good results from the bad ones. Working with advanced search settings also helps improve your browsing experience. 

  1. Learn Word Processing and Spreadsheets.

Most online work has to do with these two, except for digital and graphic arts. The most common online freelance gigs such as writing, virtual assisting, and transcribing all utilize word processors and spreadsheets

  1. Get acquainted with browsers. 

If you expect to work online, you should have a better understanding of browsers to help you access unlimited information. Using bookmarks, opening links in new windows, clearing your browser’s cache, are some of the things you need to know. 

  1. Find out what the common keyboard commands are. 

Since you will mostly be working with a set of keyboards, knowing some basic keyboard commands and shortcuts will help save you plenty of time instead of using the mouse every time to click on the drop-down menus. 

  1. Learn the basic hardware terms. 

We know it can feel quite alienating whenever people talk about their computer set-ups at home or the specs on their machines and all the other hardware they have. While you don’t really need to go all-out IT on this one, it helps if you know the difference between a hard disk drive and an actual computer unit. 

  1. Understand the basics of network diagnostics.

When you start working online, you will inevitably encounter network problems. This is where some knowledge about network diagnostics comes in handy. In fact, you don’t need to be a Cisco expert. You just need to learn the basic troubleshooting methods to get you out of a jam. Get some basic knowledge about how to find out what your IP address is and verify physical network connectivity among others.

  1. Identify which cable goes where. 

This may be easier to some especially with the fact that cords can only be plugged into very specific ports on your PC. However, some folks are still struggling with this. Know which cable connects to which port. 

We hope that you find these tips useful and help land you an online job. 




In an Inbound Marketing approach, creating blog content can be long and complex. The idea which  provides is to recycle them to extend their lifespan and maximize their ROI (return on investment). This is a considerable time and energy saving. Discover 4 effective ways to reuse your blog content.

Relevant Infographics

This visual allows you to synthesize a set of information on a given subject. Internet users are sometimes more inclined to consult this type of document than to read an article, which requires more time and concentration. Through its visual aspect, computer graphics also help to shape the uniqueness and image of a brand. But to do this, you will have to guarantee the unity of tone, style and design to your different infographics. For this, it is important first to establish an editorial charter.

Comprehensive White Papers

White papers were, for many years, sources of income for businesses. Inbound Marketing has changed the game. These contents are now made available to prospects free of charge. Although open access, they still have great potential for generating leads and informing potential buyers. Concretely, when visitors download your content, they provide you with their coordinates, valuable data to obtain qualified leads. It is therefore essential to create qualitative white papers at low cost.

Informative Slideshare Presentations

Marketers very often underestimate SlideShare; however, this channel attracts a large number of committed visitors. Transforming your blog articles into a slideshare presentation will, therefore, allow you to canvass new potential customers. You can also put your slide presentation for free download on your website or LinkedIn, in addition to your publication on the official SlideShare website.

Interesting point: creating this type of content turns out to be a breeze. You need to transform your initial article into PowerPoint and add visuals to it before importing it on the various supports.

A Webinar To Be Closer To Your Customers

Webinars remove geographic constraints and are an effective solution to strengthen your position as an opinion leader. In addition to your initial blog posts, you can also recycle your SlideShare content that will perfectly illustrate your webinar.

When a person visits your business website, the design is the first and foremost point for many to have a good impression of your company. Then think about how your website should be? A lot of effort on your business ideas and implementation should be portrayed in your website design. When a perfect design deeply explains what your business is, in an attractive website that leaves a great impression on your viewer’s mind. Choose a good San Antonio website design company that you can trust to give your brand, an identity, and strongly convey your theme to everyone who visits your website.

Why a good design?


Good website design will automatically attract more number of the audience without much effort emphasized on different marketing strategies. A good design for a website gives

  • The best impression on your viewer’s mind
  • A good platform that builds trust for your audience
  • Gives a brand identity to increase your sales funnel
  • Helps to work with the Search Engine Optimization strategy effectively
  • Gives your potential content a strong display
  • Most importantly all your competitors are working on it

Important elements of a quality website design:

Page SpeedIt is the most important factor for all the website owners that their website loads fastly. Especially nowadays most of the searches were made using mobile phones and everybody request to have their website as a mobile-friendly first. So a good website design will have a faster page loading capacity that automatically pulls many audiences to your website.

Strong navigation: On a website, proper navigation is always needed to have a better content flow to understand different streams of your business.

A purposeful content displayA good design will automatically highlight the core points that need to be delivered to the customers who are viewing your website in a simplistic form.

Deliverable designsA single image can portray more than a content that is of 100 words, so a strong image base is always important in good website design. Where to place these images in design also matters for a website’s better look.

Good CTA: Call to action button is always necessary for a good website to have a higher conversion rate. So placing it on the hot spots on a website always matters in a good design.

Builds a Unique look: A Brand identity always matter for any business in this competitive world. A unique look in the sense your business will have a separate color and theme that helps you to stand out from your competitors. So the customers can easily identify your products in the market.


When you have a business, it is important to have a good website in this digital era as all the searches were made on the internet. Look for the best San Antonio website design company to helps your business to give a unique brand identity and strongly deliver your business in the most simplistic form, where a common people can understand your business core efficiently.

Optimum software options are assisting the business systems in expanding from the last couple of years, so it will seem outdated just to review its requirement. In this write-up, we will closely know about the personalized software development programs as well as its real-time effect on business systems. Prior to we begin, you must know about the prevailing custom-made software solutions.

Among the business organizations, developing a custom-made software program has become the latest pattern. The reason which it conjures up is that this software program has the ability to fix the most detailed organization inquiries. The personalized software development firm has the prospective to create one of the most particular as well as personalized applications for your system, satisfying the viewers or consumer’s demands.

What is so convincing about personalized software development?

There are a number of applications with the variance in attributes. It is not vital that the one which is matching any type of other conformity is likewise matching your own. The modification in software advancement ensures your requirements and see to it you get the very best platform for development. Also, in the developmental phase, you will have sufficient possibilities to include a number of methods right into the software program for your integrity.

Amongst a variety of assumptions from software application advancement solutions, effectiveness, as well as integrity, still continue to be the same, also, if it is a specific or business platform. Given below there are some options which constitute strong evidence relating to custom-made software growth. With benefiting you, it’s also a variety of energies.

  • It supports while information handling
  • You obtain one of the most qualitative outcomes
  • Enhances the speed
  • Undoubtedly conserve cash, time, and also sources
  • With the assistance of completely practical features, it avails far better support
  • You obtain real access to business processes

It would not be hard for you to find out that when you acquire these advantages for the business platform, success isn’t away. Just a growth business can fulfill your demands in order to execute the personalization in a software program.

Final thoughts about customized software for business

There are numerous alternatives offered pertaining to the custom software application for your company platform. You have to pay the due problem in the direction of the needs of your company and then choose any type of. Despite big or small business platforms, it is very vital for you to recognize the needs as well as their resolution. You are making the right option if choosing personalized software applications from Velvetech as a solution.