February 2021


One cannot deny the fact that Internet marketing is one of the company’s greatest tools to boost sales in this digital-driven world. You must understand that every point of a person’s life is somehow attached to the internet. This is mainly because social media interaction has increased to a great extent. There are several benefits of getting services from the top digital internet marketing company; some of them are mentioned below.

Ease Of Gathering Data

If you intend to effectively market your product, then the first thing that you need to determine is which niche your business belongs to. In addition to this, you must also identify the type of customers who has a higher demand for product related to your company. Data gathering has never been easy, but with the help of internet marketing tools, you can gather custom data.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Everyone is aware of the fact that marketing, as well as interacting with the customer, has not been an easy task to deal with. But with the introduction of internet marketing, it has become feasible. The reason behind it is that you can reach your customers to a great extent. The best part is that you can interact with your customers from the comfort of your home. You can check for the review of the product from your potential client. This will help you to come up with a great user experience.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, you can also interact with more than one customer at a time. In other words, it can be said that the overall sales experience of the customer enhances. You might be aware of the fact that nothing is better than Pay Per Call Lead Generation, for generating leads. The reason behind it is that it offers a higher conversion rate. It is mainly because a customer could be convinced easily via call contrary to the fact that they get the same information via article or blog. This form of lead generation is valuable for businesses as they offer quick monetary gain.

Apart from all this, you can easily access your customer details in pay per call lead generation. Pay per call lead generations is one of the reliable modes of getting customers. If you want to make use of all the services that are discussed above, then the best thing, which you can do, is to hire a company, which offers SEO services.

There is a huge competition among Android Cleaning software. Unlike other platforms like Windows and IOS, Android is the biggest market for cleaning tools. When it comes Android devices, you can buy Android phone based on any budget. Low-end to mid-range phones are the most common Android phones. Those device’s resources cannot cope with latest powerful applications and games. You will experience lag or slow performance when try to use your favorite game or app. It is a common problem. You can find a solution using cleaning application like Clean Master.

Since Clean Master not available on play store, we can use CCleaner. CCleaner is one of the most downloaded and popular cleaning apk. These cleaning apps can quickly boost performance by cleaning RAM and CPU workload. When amount of free RAM and CPU is higher amount of performance is also the higher. Running many services on mid and low-end devices are not ideal. It is always better to close as much as possible background services you use. Even unused applications have services to push notifications and updates. Deleting unwanted apps and games greatly helps to gain performance.

Apps like CCleaner can identify or give recommendations about unwanted applications by showing details like

  • How often application was used
  • Amount of storage taken
  • Amount of battery power used

Let’s see main features of this application.

Features of CCleaner

Optimize and clean –Cleaning junks safely on an Android phone require best and effective tool. If not, you may lose important files required by you or apps. Which may cause malfunctions too. CCleaner can delete effectively remove junks, caches, residuals from updates, social media files, messaging apps files and etc. Removal of junks helps to get more space and performance.

Reclaim Storage Space – If you are unable to install new apps or take photos, you can use this feature to delete unwanted files. You can select and delete all unwanted applications and games including pre-installed or manufacture installed apps to get more storage.

Speed up your Android – This is the mostly used feature. Because when you need more performance for currently using application, it can close all other tasks (task killer) to have freer RAM and CPU power. Some unwanted background processes are put to hibernate. Those will not run until you use or open.

Apart from above feature there are lot more built in to this application. For Android phones that has play store search “ccleaner”. For device that does not have play store can use third party app stores like AC Market or Aptoide. AC Market is also like play store where you can install any Android app or game for free.

For Android TV boxes can use Filelinked. Filelinked is the best available Android TV apps installer. Where you can install apps on any Android TV box including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX, Firestick, Fire TV and Chromecast.

When you launch your website, finding the right web hosting plan can be a difficult task. There are many hosting types to choose from, like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc. Also, once you select a hosting type, you need to choose the operating system that you prefer, like Linux or Windows. Next, you need to determine the storage and bandwidth you need along with managed/unmanaged services. There are so many variables that most site owners find this process overwhelming. While the demand for VPS Hosting services has been on the rise in recent years, most site owners buy Dedicated Server Hosting for optimum site performance and control. However, VPS Servers have gained popularity as a cheaper alternative to Dedicated Servers. 

But, are VPS Servers truly a cheaper version of Dedicated Servers? In this article, we will explore the differences between a VPS and a Dedicated Hosting Server to help you find the best solution for your business.

In a Dedicated Server Hosting setup, your website is the sole resident of a web server. Therefore, all the resources and computing power of the server are used by your site alone. This makes it a powerful hosting solution offering maximum control over the hosting environment. You can opt for a Widows or Linux Dedicated Hosting server. On the other hand, in VPS Hosting, your website resides on a virtual server with account isolation, full root access, and dedicated resources. This allows a VPS Server to function as a Dedicated Server with certain limitations.

Dedicated Server vs VPS Server

Feature Dedicated Hosting VPS Hosting
Price A Dedicated Server Hosting plan is costlier than most other hosting solutions. The reason is simple – your website occupies an entire physical web server. Hence, the hosting company has to pass on the cost of maintaining the server to you.

Despite the high price, if your website is experiencing high volumes of traffic and/or has resource-intensive applications that other hosting solutions are unable to service, then a Dedicated Server Hosting plan becomes highly cost-efficient.

A VPS Hosting plan is cheaper than a Dedicated Server Hosting plan. Again, the reason is that one physical web server is divided into multiple virtual servers. And, each virtual server hosts a website. Therefore, the costs of maintaining the server are divided between several users. These plans are cost-efficient for websites that have outgrown a shared hosting service but don’t need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server.


Protection of the server In Dedicated Server Hosting, site owners don’t have to worry about the security of the server getting impacted due to a security breach on another user’s site. Also, it allows them to make any changes to the configuration of the server, open/close ports, and install tools to make the server more secure. In VPS Hosting, the physical server is shared. However, the server virtualization software (hypervisor) ensures that each virtual server works in isolation from the others. Hence, for security purposes, a VPS Server is as secure as a Dedicated Server. However, if the hacker gains access to the hypervisor, then a VPS Server stands a risk of being impacted too. Virtual servers also allow site owners to install any third-party tools to make the server more secure.
Customization & Control With Dedicated Servers, there is no limit on what you can do on the server. You are the sole user and can make any changes as needed by your site. With VPS Hosting, you can make several changes to the hosting environment. However, since the physical server is shared, some system-level changes are not possible.
Which hosting solution performs better? If we look at a Dedicated Server and VPS Server with the same configurations, then a Dedicated Server performs better than a VPS Server.


Summing Up

While a Dedicated Server offers more power than a VPS Server, the difference in price is huge. Hence, as a site owner, it is important to assess what your site needs and look for a plan accordingly. If a VPS Hosting plan can cater to your site’s requirements, then buying a Dedicated Server plan can be an unnecessary expense. On the other hand, if your site demands a Dedicated Server, then a VPS Hosting plan might not be able to handle the load and cause reputation and revenue loss. Hence, consider all aspects and choose the right plan. Good Luck!

 You can check out the following video to further understand the difference between VPS and Dedicated Server: