Every company needs to incorporate archiving into their records management strategy as it is an integral part of any successful enterprise. Archival materials are living representations of past documents. They are useful to businesses because they record and explain past and current actions and provide justification for those actions.

Archiving is the process of collecting and storing information for future use, especially information that has historical significance or is otherwise valuable. Data protection includes not only preventing files from becoming corrupted or lost, but also organising and categorising them in a way that makes them easy to retrieve in the future. Individuals, businesses, and even governments can all benefit from the archiving process.

Document archiving refers to the process of keeping records for a long time in a secure location. The official records need to be stored in a secure location, either digitally or physically, so that they don’t get damaged or lost.

Archiving is the practise of storing data in a way that ensures its integrity and confidentiality over a long period of time. It’s a method for keeping documents indefinitely and making them accessible to the public. Finding, protecting, and updating documents that have been archived is much simpler. Failure to take necessary action will have an adverse effect on business operations.

So, what is it that archives actually do?

In search of the definition of “archive”

Archiving is the practise of safely storing data you no longer actively use for long-term storage in digital and paper formats. The act of archiving is a technique. Such data is still useful to companies, and it should be kept for the possibility of future applications.

Archiving documents helps businesses and organisations meet data retention requirements and ensure that archived information can be accessed quickly and easily. In the event of a dispute over a business activity, a contract, or a financial transaction, for example, relevant documents from the archive can be retrieved to help resolve the dispute.

Archival management goes beyond simply preserving data for future study. The importance of archives to efficient administration cannot be overstated.

Every business today deals with a substantial volume of data, and archiving is thus more important than ever. The amount of data created within companies is only expected to grow.

Data archiving refers to the process of identifying inactive data and transferring it from active production systems to inactive storage systems for long-term preservation. It’s not only essential for meeting various compliance and regulatory requirements, but it might also be useful in situations like disaster recovery and forensics.

Why do you have to keep everything?

The enormous benefits of archiving play a significant role in the success of any organisation, which is why archives are so crucial to their continued existence. Organizations that archive their data reap benefits including lowered risks of data loss, lower operating costs, better document security, greater compliance with a variety of laws and regulations, and audit and legal proof in the event of an audit or legal incident.

ArchiverFS: A Demonstration

For Windows users, Microsoft has created a new disk-to-disk file system called ArchiverFS that can be used in tandem with SkyDrive. To achieve this goal, it makes use of compressed files and employs intelligent management of overlapping file storage, both of which contribute to a decrease in fragmentation and an increase in performance. With the ArchiverFS plugin for SkyDrive, you can hand off optimization responsibilities to ArchiverFS and focus on your work while it handles automatic compression and managing the fragmentation of your files.

Currently, there are no prices associated with downloading ArchiverFS from Microsoft SkyDrive.

The question is how ArchiverFS manages to achieve its objectives

ArchiverFS is an innovative disk-to-disk file system created for SkyDrive. Whereas conventional file systems employ a coated structure in which data use to get stored on uppermost of an underlying layer, ArchiverFS stores data directly on the disc. ArchiverFS organises its data in sequential order. In addition to improving the process’s speed and efficiency, this also does away with the need for extra tiers of management oversight.

ArchiverFS can perform better on Windows by using Windows’ built-in tools and features. By taking advantage of Windows’s in-built caching mechanism, for instance, ArchiverFS can speed up file access times. ArchiverFS supports features like mirroring and data deduplication, which can further boost performance.

SkyDrive users, in general, can gain from ArchiverFS over standard file systems in several ways. Time and effort are saved while the strain on your computer is minimised. Furthermore, its product licencing is compatible with Windows’ built-in features, resulting in enhanced overall performance.

If you don’t use it, why should you?

The new disk-to-disk file system ArchiverFS is compatible with Windows and can be used with SkyDrive. SkyDrive storage is now possible thanks to this faster and more efficient method. Because of this, it is possible to achieve the same or better results in a shorter amount of time than with the standard file system. Using ArchiverFS can lessen the amount of space needed for storing data, cut down on the time spent saving files, and boost overall performance.

ArchiverFS could be the best option if you frequently make very large files or folders. The use of ArchiverFS may also enhance functionality. If you have a lot of files that need to be saved, or if your SkyDrive is slow, this is especially important to remember.

Exactly what are some of the pluses of utilising ArchiverFS?

SkyDrive’s new disk-to-disk file system, ArchiverFS, grants you remote access to your files from any Windows PC. Go to the website and you’ll find ArchiverFS there. Because of this, it’s great for integrating both local files and those saved in cloud storage solutions like SkyDrive. Because of its many helpful features, ArchiverFS is a great choice for archiving large files. It can compress data to save storage space, and it can handle simultaneous reading and writing, so files can be easily shared between users.


SkyDrive users who have been waiting for an update that would let them use ArchiverFS on Windows 10 can finally rejoice. A new version with the fix has been made available. Microsoft’s new disk-to-disk file system is now available in the Windows 10 Store. It works with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10. The time to add Microsoft’s support for ArchiverFS has come, so don’t delay!

If you haven’t heard of ArchiverFS before, it’s a brand new disk-to-disk file system made for SkyDrive and Windows 10. You can store enormous files without worrying about storage space, and you can sync your files between different devices, both of which are advantages over other storage solutions.

Technological advancements have been one of the most vital parts of growing a business in the Philippines. Whether for automating tasks or providing employees with new equipment, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have significantly benefitted from modern technology. And in an ever-competitive market in Southeast Asia, adopting new solutions can be a game changer for countless SMEs.

One of the leading software being implemented nowadays is the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which centralizes many HR functions within a company. It is a powerful tool that can assist SMEs have a central platform for core HR processes that their employees might need. Apart from this, there are numerous other advantages of investing in HRIS.

One of the prime benefits of implementing HRIS is making various HR processes more accessible to employees. Reliance on mobile phones and other devices has significantly increased in the past decade, along with rising expectations for on-demand services. Having an HRIS will allow SMEs to provide a self-service option to the workforce if they have HR concerns, such as time off requests and reviewing payroll activities.

Apart from this, managing the workforce would be so much better as HRIS can provide a centralized platform for HR and payroll functions. Although payroll web online demo in the Philippines has been around for quite some time, HRIS can eliminate any potential human errors that might occur when handling classified information. This can help increase the employees’ confidence, allowing them to focus on their tasks without worrying too much about other matters.

Furthermore, HRIS can help SMEs save money in the long run by automating labor-intensive tasks. This means that there will be no need to hire more people to handle different processes, eliminating the need to purchase new equipment. Moreover, HRIS is equipped with a tool that can precisely track valuable metrics, allowing stakeholders to make strategic decisions for their growth.

To learn more about how SMEs can take advantage of HRIS to grow their business, check this article by GreatDay HR, one of the leading HR software companies in the Philippines.

The software company that we are going to focus on is a startup in the Silicon Valley. They have offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto, California. The company has been around for just over three years, but they have already grown to become one of the most popular startups in Silicon Valley.

The founders and executives who started this company had the vision of creating a software platform that would help people understand their finances better and achieve financial peace of mind. With their vision, they were able to raise $1 million in seed funding from investors like Peter Thiel, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, and Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

What is the Insight of Physical Security for a Software Company?

In the past few decades, computers have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives. It is hard to imagine how we would function without them. As a result of this integration and dependence on technology, the security risks associated with software companies have increased. A recent example of this is when Microsoft’s new operating system was hacked.

The company had set up physical security measures such as guards and cameras to minimize such risks but these measures were not enough to prevent it from happening. The hackers had managed to bypass the security measures that Microsoft had implemented in order to make their way into the building.

What are the Different Types of Physical Security that Companies can Implement?

Physical security is a crucial part of any company’s security. It is important to assess the risk of your company and implement the appropriate level of physical security.

There are different types of physical security that companies can implement, including:

– CCTV surveillance

– Biometric access control

– Access management

– Intrusion detection systems (IDS)

Different Ways to Stay Protected from Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is a growing threat that requires a responsible and proactive approach. It is important to be aware of the different ways to stay protected from cyber crime.

The most common types of cybercrime include: phishing, ransomware, identity theft, and spyware. Other forms of cybercrime include hacking and data breaches.

The following are some ways to protect yourself from these malicious acts:

– Use strong passwords

– Keep your system updated

– Keep your software up to date

– Use security software

How to Prevent Employee Theft and Why it’s Important for Your Business

Employee theft can be a costly problem for the company. It can cause a loss of productivity and ultimately lead to a decrease in company growth. Companies provide bullpup shotgun and other weapons to security guards, so they can completely secure company.

A number of companies have been implementing strategies to prevent employee theft, including:

– Implementing a system where employees are required to scan their badge and enter the building with it as they enter and exit through security doors. This prevents them from leaving with any items they shouldn’t be taking out of the building.

– Implementing an app that allows employees to submit any suspicious activity or behavior so that it can be monitored at all times by management.

How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime with Digital Solutions Today

Cybercrime is a growing concern for businesses and individuals. With the rise of digital technologies, cyber criminals are finding new ways to steal data, disrupt services, and damage reputations.

Digital solutions are the key to protecting your business from cyber crime. They can be used for preventing data breaches, managing security risks, and even fighting cyber crime in court!

To protect your business from cyber crime with digital solutions today, you need to have a robust digital solution plan in place.

With technological changes, a wide arrange of options have been opened to keep track of the activities of workers and employees.  Monitoring employees is now possible with the help of modern aids.  Let us find out more about these methods.

1)    Email and Internet

As long as the employees use the emails for the office productivity and work, it is fine. However, the internet is searched by employees left right and centre and hence methods need to be identified for optimizing the productivity of the employees.

2)    Computer related work and activities

It is not possible for employers to keep a track of the desktop application use of the employees. Moreover, monitoring the internet usage and the websites that they frequent during office timings is yet another challenging part for companies. The data that is collected can be produced in the form of detailed reports which gives an idea of the productivity of people and whether the computer was used actively for office work or not.  The applications used by the employees can also be kept a tab on.

3)    Keylogging

This is a procedure that enables the employers to identify the keys the employee is using on the keyboard.  The programs help in capturing screenshots depending on what is typed.  However, it needs to be mentioned these definitely violate the workplace employee’s privacy.

You will find that with advanced keystrokes logger, it is possible to check out what is actually being keyed in by the employees.  In today’s times, when Corporates speak of open communication and transparency which indirectly have an effect on the productivity, the above method may not be appreciated.

4)    Telephone tracking

This is very common in call centres and Business Processing Offices (BPOs), corporates which are into customer services.  Many of us would have heard the specific sound that is heard when we call up them for our queries. The call is recorded for training and quality purposes.  This simply means that using telephone monitoring, the employees would be tracked.

5)    GPS Tracking

Company owned vehicles and cars are tracked using this method of tracking.  This type of tracking is of great use in postal companies, courier, delivery services which generally have to keep a track on their vehicles and also to guide the drivers to use efficient routes.  Moreover, it is also used for confirmation of delivery status, overall safety and also recovering of any missing items.

Departments have their own way of tracking the records and the report controls section is one way of doing it.

When choosing or building management software for your church, it is essential to look at various factors. It is because of the smooth functioning of the church. Every possible function that is scheduled on the software must take into consideration. It ensures an efficient processing system, and the high complexity of the functionality is present in an abstract version that is easy to use and user-friendly. To grow your church over time simultaneously with the usual congregation activities like managing funds, relationships with all the active people who are part of your church. Also, inviting the new members and managing their profiles and contributions require a Church Management Software that can handle all these tasks within a minute or so. It creates a Centralized user-friendly application that optimizes the funds of the church and eases the workload of the volunteers for these processes. So let us go through all the benefits in brief, that you can enjoy if you have the management software for your church.

  • Centralized Functionality:

Creating an application that meets all your diverse requirements and allows you to operate these under a single unit. Having such software can be proven useful to concentrate on other essential activities and manage them rather than doing these regular simple tasks that take your more effort and time.

  • Dashboards:

Having this on your Church Management Software that is full-fletched working and has all the functionalities to donate, raise funds, register for the events, and many more activities. And this increases the chances of growing funds and congregation for your church.

  • Keeping Track Of All The Check-Ins:

This will keep track of all the members of the church. It will maintain data for all the members who will participate in the events and functions of the church. It also keeps the accounts of the congregation funds and easy to pay feature for all those who will attend it.

  • Helps To Keep The Statistics Reports:

With the data analysis, you can check the statistics to know about the influence of your church and people’s worship in your community. And you can share the growth of the same on your church’s dashboard to show the visitors and motivate them to donate more. And for first-time visitors, it may attract them to join the church and they may feel willing to join.

  • Contribution Management:

You can create an easy to donate options for the congregation and generate updated reports of collections. It will accurately track the contributions, and the fund will directly go to the church.

With most parts of the world experiencing COVID pandemic it is now quite certain that almost all interactions, both material and human, are going to be digitalized in future. This has brought in immense possibilities and so also certain difficulties in its wake.  In this context numerous apps have appeared, yet only few have been able to hold on due to their inherent potentials.

One of these is Django app and for many businesses this is perhaps the smoothest way to take your business into multiple corners of the world. However, along with your internalization you now have a problem to create your localized products and services to be easily understood by people of other languages. This problem fortunately, please refer to, can now be easily solved with Django based multiple languages support.

Django App that Supports Multiple Languages

Clients love better and easier services and they are always on the lookout for any shortcuts. In online your app needs to serve a large customer base and many of them are at far off locations communicating in different languages. For instance, your clients may want Django app and CMS (admin panel) in German or Chinese, Malaysian, Spanish or Japanese.

The Django app supports not just preliminary feature of data translations, but also gives helps you understand complex cases too. In order to give supportive guidance like tutorial detai in your internationalization and translation efforts Django has ability to handle two kinds of data in the app.

It first handles static data with translations for all fields and looks into error messages. The next is that it has dynamic data for custom data for user and can simultaneously handle both these with no hassles.


When users wants to enable translation they need to inform Django app as to list of languages that it needs to support. This is used to support static data and default language as you may find if you go to for details. The default language is a language that the app automatically goes for in case of anything beyond the list.

You will find that this is best way to get more language based support for your business or service while expanding internationally for your localized products and services. The translation algorithm quickly determines as to which translation it needs to install in current thread once request has been made. It also sifts and formats the URL such that the client knows which language has been used.

Today you will discover the best 5 sites to convert DNG files to JPG online: you can use these portals whenever you need to perform this type of conversion, but also when you want to change formats for this operation in terms of output. Some of these tools, then, allow you to convert files in batch mode, therefore being able to convert several simultaneously. In this way, you will be able to carry out this task quickly and also very simply, since you will not have to download any software on your computer. Finally, some of these platforms allow you to customize different image parameters.

1. AnyConv

The best of the sites to convert DNG files to JPG online is AnyConv. Among the many advantages of this site, you can find the possibility of mass conversions of files, since it is able to work in batches. In addition, the use of the platform is very intuitive: once the files are loaded in the appropriate window, you can select the output format and then start the conversion operations.


Online Image Converter to JPG is an excellent tool made available from the well-known website. The strong point of this platform is the presence of several very advanced conversion parameters, which you can customize as you wish: on the other hand, unfortunately, there is no batch conversion and therefore you cannot convert more than one file at a time. You will be able to convert after uploading the file and after customizing the various parameters: among these options, for example, you will find image resizing, DPI modification, color options, quality boost and cropping option . Finally, consider that using this site you can upload files not only from PC, but also from Dropbox, Google Drive or online URL.


DNG to JPG is one of the easiest websites to convert DNG files to JPG online: compared to the others, in fact, in this case you will find yourself in front of a very basic platform, still equipped with some really useful options. Options such as the ability to upload the file via URL, or the ability to customize parameters such as photo size and quality in percent. If you need a very fast and spartan tool, DNG to JPG is probably the best choice you can make. Then, once the few parameters are set, just click on Convert to start the operation.

4. Zamzar: DNG to JPG

In terms of fame, few manage to compare with Zamzar: DNG to JPG. In fact, this well-known platform also has a tool for converting DNG files to JPG online. In addition, this site allows you to perform a multiple batch conversion, which makes it even more valuable. How to use? You have to upload the file (from PC or URL) and then select JPG as the output format. Once this is done, you must enter your email address to receive the download links. Finally, just click on Convert to receive the email from Zamzar. The only flaw, therefore, is the slowness of the process to download the files.

5. FreeFileConverter

The last of the best sites to convert DNG files to JPG online is FreeFileConverter: it looks a lot like the previous ones, since it allows you to upload files also from Dropbox or URL. On the other hand, there are no customization options: the site however compensates for its immediacy.