There is a huge competition among Android Cleaning software. Unlike other platforms like Windows and IOS, Android is the biggest market for cleaning tools. When it comes Android devices, you can buy Android phone based on any budget. Low-end to mid-range phones are the most common Android phones. Those device’s resources cannot cope with latest powerful applications and games. You will experience lag or slow performance when try to use your favorite game or app. It is a common problem. You can find a solution using cleaning application like Clean Master.

Since Clean Master not available on play store, we can use CCleaner. CCleaner is one of the most downloaded and popular cleaning apk. These cleaning apps can quickly boost performance by cleaning RAM and CPU workload. When amount of free RAM and CPU is higher amount of performance is also the higher. Running many services on mid and low-end devices are not ideal. It is always better to close as much as possible background services you use. Even unused applications have services to push notifications and updates. Deleting unwanted apps and games greatly helps to gain performance.

Apps like CCleaner can identify or give recommendations about unwanted applications by showing details like

  • How often application was used
  • Amount of storage taken
  • Amount of battery power used

Let’s see main features of this application.

Features of CCleaner

Optimize and clean –Cleaning junks safely on an Android phone require best and effective tool. If not, you may lose important files required by you or apps. Which may cause malfunctions too. CCleaner can delete effectively remove junks, caches, residuals from updates, social media files, messaging apps files and etc. Removal of junks helps to get more space and performance.

Reclaim Storage Space – If you are unable to install new apps or take photos, you can use this feature to delete unwanted files. You can select and delete all unwanted applications and games including pre-installed or manufacture installed apps to get more storage.

Speed up your Android – This is the mostly used feature. Because when you need more performance for currently using application, it can close all other tasks (task killer) to have freer RAM and CPU power. Some unwanted background processes are put to hibernate. Those will not run until you use or open.

Apart from above feature there are lot more built in to this application. For Android phones that has play store search “ccleaner”. For device that does not have play store can use third party app stores like AC Market or Aptoide. AC Market is also like play store where you can install any Android app or game for free.

For Android TV boxes can use Filelinked. Filelinked is the best available Android TV apps installer. Where you can install apps on any Android TV box including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX, Firestick, Fire TV and Chromecast.


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