March 2020


If a digital crime is perpetrated, damage should be reduced by taking rapid action. But, as IT teams or corporate management tries to stop data flow to unscrupulous entities, they may take actions that call into question the digital evidence’s integrity. If a company that experienced a cyber breach or other fraudulent activities want to pursue a claim in a court of law, they have to maintain the integrity of digital forensics evidence. 

Importance of Digital Forensic Integrity

Every piece of evidence used in legal proceedings should meet a standard of proof for authentication. It’s important that the plaintiff can prove the evidence is relevant, authentic, and untouched. Also, they need to prove a proper chain of custody, which is the process of maintaining and documenting the handling of evidence. This way, the court can make sure the evidence has been handled in a way that protects its authenticity and integrity. If the plaintiff fails to demonstrate a proper chain of custody and the authenticity of evidence in court, the evidence won’t be admissible during a legal proceeding. This makes it important to allow an Elijah computer forensics expert to handle this sensitive procedure for them. Forensics professionals from the company know exactly what they are doing and ensure the admissibility of every piece of digital evidence they will find.

Effective Evidence Preservation

Digital forensics experts use a variety of strategies to make sure evidence if properly and effectively preserved and authenticated. To collect digital evidence, they drive imaging. This process is used to make a virtual clone of a hard drive. It is essential for use of the original drive to be minimized to maintain a proper chain of custody and evidence integrity. They perform their analysis on the cloned drive.

Even well-trained IT departments may not be up-to-date in terms of data preservation, chain-of-custody requirements, and other aspects of digital forensic integrity. That is why companies should contact digital forensics experts like those at Elijah to assist them in handling digital evidence properly.

Hackers and other criminals can have access to company data, assets, and accounts in a matter of moments. If your company has been victimized by a cybercriminal, don’t waste time. Look for digital forensic teams that have years of experience necessary for working quickly and effectively. These experts will keep you and your company safe as well as collect the evidence you need to successfully pursue a claim in court. 


A data center can be defined as a centralized facility for an organization’s shared IT operations and equipment for the purpose of storing, processing and disseminating data and applications. As they house an organization’s most critical and proprietary assets, data centers are very vital for the continuity of daily operations of an organization. Most of the modern data center infrastructures have virtual infrastructure that supports applications and workloads across multi-cloud environments.

Data centers, being an integral part of an organization, are designed to render the following services:

  1. Data Storage, Management, Backup, and Recovery
  2. Productivity Applications
  3. High-Volume E-Commerce Transactions
  4. Powering Online Gaming Communities
  5. Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Equipment to Run A Data Center

Data Center, being an integral part, has many equipment to run as a part of it.

1.      Power Backup:

The primary and the most important device in a data center is a power backup setup. In a case of a power blackout, it is essential to have power backup to avoid losing important data or any current work going on the data center.

2.      Cooling Mechanism:

Just as necessary as power, is proper cooling in the data center as it allows servers, networking gears and other general web hosting equipment to function suitably without overheating.

3.      Proper Set-up:

Proper data center building and design for resistance against mild earthquakes, cyclone, external disturbances, explosion, etc.

4.      Fire Safety Mechanism:

Data centers must possess fire safety machinery for protection against fire hazards and any damage to physical equipment and data present within it.

5.      Security Set-up:

Multiple layers of security on the entry-level and access is one of the most important parts of a data center. A data center carries many sensitive information about an organization, so it is very necessary to protect this information.

Along with the above-mentioned devices, some more most important devices required

  • IP networking devices
  • Corporate IT network Connectivity
  • Servers
  • Fibre Channel or ISCSI switches
  • Data Storage Arrays
  • Backup disk libraries
  • Flashcards
  • Workstations and VOIP phones
  • Well checked LAN cables and SFP

An alternative to the traditional fiber channels, which is known for its complexities, a new invention in the IT industry is Super Micro 3x VSAN. It provides for a high-performance storage tier designed for virtual enterprise environments reducing the total costs for the owner. Other than these hardware and network requirements, data centers also require various software which helps in the smooth working of the data center. This software includes data security software, software for monitoring purposes, data backup software, hypervisors in case of server virtualization, PAAS software, etc.

All in all data centers in today’s date have become very vital with every company having its own data center for information storage. They serve a great purpose. With all the requirements met, a successful data center can be made. Also as technology progresses towards virtualization, more technological advancements in the field such as Precision 5530 2 in1 are getting into the picture and demand. More such advancements will only lift up the concept of data centers more.

A website needs maintenance and requires to be kept up to date to remain competitive in the market. The four main reasons why you should consider a website makeover are as follows. You can consult a web design expert in my area to do the makeover which is required for your business to grow.

  1. Your website no longer reflects the business personality

The design of the website should always reflect the brand, vision, mission and a business personality. Business is never static and it is very easy to overlook the design of the website. So you should check the website then ask whether it reflects the image you would like to put. In such situations, it is time to consider a website makeover. A local website designer is necessary for your business to flourish. It does not only change the whole outlook of the website but also keeps it updated from time to time.

  1. Your website does not show a re-branding

If you have updated a change on the website, it should be visible to others. Your website needs a visual representation of the business wants to portray. There are plenty of website design tips by which you can attend a go to makeover for your website. It is required to create a good image for your business.

  1. Your website is not capable of adding all the features you want to

Your website should achieve all the marketing goals you want to accomplish for your business.  To achieve the goal, you need to think about adding the functions and features to the website. If it does not satisfy the marketing goals, you need to seriously consider the website makeover tips option. A good local website designer can help you in this task. Many web design expert in my area are available whom one can consult to get tips and ideas for the website makeover.

  1. Your website has an outdated design

If you haven’t updated their website for a while, it is now time to update the total look of the website. It is necessary to check what the customer would like to see or how easy it is to navigate. One should at least check the design aspect once in a year keep it updated and maintain it. Website makeover often works for the business well. Taking ideas from your local website designer is beneficial for the makeover of the website.

YouTube is currently the most visited social media platform by most people. This is, therefore, a perfect opportunity for you as the content manager to take advantage of, thus improving your market. After you have created a YouTube channel, one of the things that most excites you is seeing a new subscriber. For this reason, you will be willing to spend a fortune to help you increase the subscribers that you have. Unfortunately, achieving this is easier said than done. However, when you have the right tips, it is possible to achieve more subscribers within a short time. Below are ways through which you can double the number of subscribers that you have in your channel within a short time, thus enjoying more benefits.

Use Google Friendly Keywords

For your YouTube channel to be great, it needs to have good SEO Service Ahmedabad. For you to have a good search engine optimization, one of the things that you need to work on in your keywords. You need to use keywords that will prioritize videos and suit the content that you are posting. Additionally, consider using words such as a tutorial or “how-to,” especially when designing titles for your videos. When you have the right keywords, you raise your SEO, increase the visitors in your YouTube channel, and later having more subscribers on your channel.

Use Descriptive Titles

Your video title gives the first impression about you and your channel even before one loads the video. For this reason, make sure that you are using a title that will make it irresistible for one to leave the site without opening it. Make sure that the title is short and sweet; this means about 60 characters of the video. On the other hand, include keywords and valuable information on the first half of the title. With a good title for your YouTube videos, you lure more viewers, who later become your subscribers and it becomes easier to buy YouTube subscribers.

Buy YouTube Subscribers

Ideally, there are free methods through which you can add subscribers to your YouTube channel. However, if you feel that the rate of growth of the subscribers is low, then you can consider buying these subscribers.  In fact, the subscribers that you buy are likely to have more benefits in your channel as considered to those that you have for free. For instance, when you buy real YouTube subscribers, you are will buy an influential subscriber who will have a positive impact on your channel, especially by winning more free subscribers. This way, you get to double your YouTube subscribers within a short time.

Maintain Quality

The kind of content that you post on your channel determines the kind of content that you have. For this reason, if you have to maintain your subscribers and win more, then you need to always provide them with quality content in whatever you post. On the other hand, make your posts as frequent as possible to help them keep on coming back to your site and even recommending others. This way, doubling the number of subscribers that you have will be a walk in the park.

Having the number of YouTube subscribers double is one of your signs of success. However, unless you have the right tips or you consider to buy 1000 subscribers, achieving this is easier said than done. Above are some of these ways through which you can reach out to more people and make them subscribers to your YouTube channel.

In this article, we will be acknowledging our readers about some of the most important parts of the China pcb prototyping process in detail. One of the easiest ways as per the majority of pcb prototype specialists is to work with an expert pcb prototype partner. There are several companies in China that will assist you flawlessly in this process and will guide you through every step of the entire process.

A number of decades has passed since the experiences of the industry as well as the high levels of customer service evolved. There are many China pcb manufacturers that are ideally suited to guide you through each of the important step involved in the pcb prototype generating process.

Keeping the China pcb prototyping process simple and easy-to-digest, we will start with a schematic. A schematic, in simple words, is a basic blueprint of the circuit. This blueprint is responsible for laying out all the present components as well as their linkage which each other. Also, you can craft a schematic by making use of a basic circuit software. Some of the softwares will be able to automatically convert those schematics into a perfect China pcb file.

 Next step is the optimization of the design. While designing a China pcb or a pcb prototype, there are several things that can be done for the purpose of design optimization. The best thing to do is identify various parts of your circuit and keep those parts united together. Also, seeking to ensure that the electric current’s path is as linear as it can be as well as that each circuit’s section is supplied with adequate power is important.

Working with a pcb prototype, when you reach at the stage of examination, another important step to be taken is; think about the interaction between the China pcb and the final product.

You may also have interacted with the term Multilayer China pcb. Keeping it brief, large circuits can be hard to fit on a China pcb which is single layered. This is because it is much hard to route the traces without letting them to intersect. In such cases, double or multi-layered pcb prototype having copper-plated holes that are playing as a connection between the above and the lower layers will be ideal.

If you are willing to submit your design to an expert pcb prototype designer, there are a few things or information that needs to be gathered about your China pcb design. It may include:

  • Thickness of the board
  • Number of layers needed
  • Thickness and weight of the copper
  • Minimum spacing and tracing needed
  • Minimum size of the hole
  • Surface finish
  • Color and the Soldermask
  • Drill file NC Excellon
  • Drill file tool list
  • Color and Silkscreen legend

Also, the design files can be submitted to expert pcb prototype designers using a wide variety of software packages. Many of the China pcb companies convert files to RS-247X. If your selected company is doing the same, it is important to include the following elements; positive Gerber layers, a drill tool list and information on the aperture, an NC Excellon drill file, as well as solder mask and silkscreen.

ChinaPCBOne Technology LTD. is the author of this article on pcb prototype. Find more information, about China pcb.

Filing the tax return before the deadline every year is an essential exercise for every taxpayer. Apart from bringing a financial discipline, it also comes with other benefits such as carrying forward losses and saving up penalty/late filing fees.

GST returns, in particular, is a complicated exercise where a taxpayer registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) law has to file for each registration separately.

Since the number of GST returns and gst tax rate to be submitted is based on the type of taxpayer (regular, e-commerce operator, TDS deductor, composition dealer, non-resident taxpayer etc.), it becomes essential to stay updated with your tax filings including the dates and overall process.

So, how can you stay updated on your GST filings in 2020? Given below are the top five methods to do the same:

Upload Complete and Accurate Data In GSTR-1

A return is essentially a document having all the income details which a taxpayer is required to file with the tax authorities. Under GST law, a registered dealer has to file GST returns that include sales, purchase, output GST, and Input tax credit (GST paid on purchases). To file GST returns, taxpayers need all the GST compliant sales and purchase invoices.

There are several GST returns to be filed as prescribed under the GST law including GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4 and more. There are many fields to be filled-in while filing the GSTR-1 return, and GSTN does not allow for any amendment of a return once it is submitted.

It is, therefore, of paramount importance to be extra cautious at the time of data-entry to make sure that no rectifications and reconciliations need to be done in the returns at a later stage.

Make Sure to Maintain Proper Documentation

Although maintaining proper documentation is an essential prerequisite for GST audit, not all businesses are eligible for the same. However, every business irrespective of this requirement should have a practice of maintaining proper records under GST.

This includes maintaining purchase and sale registers, payment challans, e-way bills with proper gst bill format and more. Staying updated on your documentation also helps at the time of closure of books of accounts and reconciliation process.

Do a Thorough Comparison And Reconciliation Between Returns

Ensuring a detailed comparison and reconciliation between returns (GSTR-3B returns filed with GSTR-1 for data matches) is a crucial exercise for taxpayers that helps both in the process of recording the annual return and also in case of GST audit.

While GSTR-3B discloses supplies made during the month, purchases on which reverse charge is applicable, and input tax credit claimed, GSTR-1 is a monthly or quarterly return filed to disclose details of their outward supplies for the month and the tax liability.

Overlooking this comparison and reconciliation between GSTR 3B and GSTR 1 may hamper the accurate calculation of the Input Tax Credit (ITC) you have claimed. Further, settlement of GSTR 3B before filing returns also allows you to avoid show-cause notices from tax authorities.

Rectify And Amend Your Returns Before Filing The Annual Return

It is essential for GST return filers to ensure that all pending amendments are made to the monthly returns, on a regular and timely basis. Failing this could lead to a difference or mismatch between the GST returns filed during the year and the annual return.

This makes it essential to do all reconciliations with complete accuracy, and any discrepancy should be rectified before the filing of the annual returns.

Inform the Authorities Of Any Changes In Your Business

Every person registered under the GST law is liable to inform the GST authorities of any changes made in the particulars furnished concerning their registration.

Further, make sure that the authorities are intimated within 15 days of such changes. Once done, the application should be submitted on the GST portal along with all the necessary documents.

Bottom Line

For the overall success and financial health of an enterprise, all the statutory systems and dues of the enterprise must be appropriately managed.

Using the above methods, a tax filer can ensure to stay GST-compliant and remain updated on their tax filing status. It is vital to stay updated on all GST-related news so that you are always in track with the latest changes.

Sitting for extended periods of time is not beneficial for your health. It can lead to a wide range of health issues that includes diabetes, heart ailments, obesity, and even early death. To save yourself from the bad effects of sitting, a standing desk is viewed as a therapeutic option. In this article, we will learn more about the benefits of standing desks.

Primecables is the trusted company in California that offers a superior quality wide range of adapters, networking cables, television mount and sit stands, ethernet cables, television, home theatre system at the best price.

Primecables electric standing desk is electric height adjustable desks that offer ergonomic comfort to people. The desk comes with sit, and stand time reminder that ensures regular movement to its users.  

Health Benefits of Using A Standing Desk

Increase in productivity at work

Sitting in one place for a longer time period can make you bored and dull. You may feel inactive and lazy. It is also possible that you feel less attentive. Sitting after your meals can even make you feel sleepy. On the contrary, when you stand and work, then you are more focused and active. In this way, using standing desks also increases your work productivity.

Lowers the chances of obesity, and weight gain

One of the major benefits of using standing desks is to reduce weight gain. This is due to a simple reason that we burn fewer calories than when we stand and work.

When you burn fewer calories than what you consume, then it leads to weight gain. By switching from sitting to standing position and vice versa, your body has to work a little more. This results in the burning of calories and maintains a healthy weight.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

It has been found that after you eat your meals, your blood sugar levels begin to increase. This is harmful to your health. It can be the reason for Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

When you work on standing desk after your meals, then it can cause a very small surge in your blood sugar. In this way, a standing desk is a good way to reduce your blood sugar levels.


Sitting for longer periods of time makes you more susceptible to health risks. Some amount of physical movement is necessary for the daily life. Taking regular breaks from sitting for a long time helps in reducing health risks to a great extent.