If a digital crime is perpetrated, damage should be reduced by taking rapid action. But, as IT teams or corporate management tries to stop data flow to unscrupulous entities, they may take actions that call into question the digital evidence’s integrity. If a company that experienced a cyber breach or other fraudulent activities want to pursue a claim in a court of law, they have to maintain the integrity of digital forensics evidence. 

Importance of Digital Forensic Integrity

Every piece of evidence used in legal proceedings should meet a standard of proof for authentication. It’s important that the plaintiff can prove the evidence is relevant, authentic, and untouched. Also, they need to prove a proper chain of custody, which is the process of maintaining and documenting the handling of evidence. This way, the court can make sure the evidence has been handled in a way that protects its authenticity and integrity. If the plaintiff fails to demonstrate a proper chain of custody and the authenticity of evidence in court, the evidence won’t be admissible during a legal proceeding. This makes it important to allow an Elijah computer forensics expert to handle this sensitive procedure for them. Forensics professionals from the company know exactly what they are doing and ensure the admissibility of every piece of digital evidence they will find.

Effective Evidence Preservation

Digital forensics experts use a variety of strategies to make sure evidence if properly and effectively preserved and authenticated. To collect digital evidence, they drive imaging. This process is used to make a virtual clone of a hard drive. It is essential for use of the original drive to be minimized to maintain a proper chain of custody and evidence integrity. They perform their analysis on the cloned drive.

Even well-trained IT departments may not be up-to-date in terms of data preservation, chain-of-custody requirements, and other aspects of digital forensic integrity. That is why companies should contact digital forensics experts like those at Elijah to assist them in handling digital evidence properly.

Hackers and other criminals can have access to company data, assets, and accounts in a matter of moments. If your company has been victimized by a cybercriminal, don’t waste time. Look for digital forensic teams that have years of experience necessary for working quickly and effectively. These experts will keep you and your company safe as well as collect the evidence you need to successfully pursue a claim in court. 



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