April 2020


Ever since the vinyl records became popular, one of the most asked questions is what to use, turntables, or record players. Well, people have often confused them with being the same, but there is a huge difference between the two. It is here that you may become confused about what you should buy. Well, you shouldn’t be worrying because there are a lot of options available to you.

These two may be the same, but they are different. The turntable is a combination of platters that helps spin the records, and the music is carved into the discs and is eventually changed into an electric signal. Amusing, isn’t it? The turntable needs to be connected to different devices such as PHONO pre-amp, speakers, amplifiers, and more.

The record player, however, is often considered to be an all-in-one device. It won’t need any external device to be connected to it for playing. The record players consist of everything a turntable needs, such as an amplifier, speakers, and more. All these components are connected as one unit, which further proves to be extremely efficient. Unlike the turntables, the record player is a portable device.

Which one is better?

Well, the different qualities of each play an essential role in determining which is the best. The best often varies depending on the person’s requirements. However, it is necessary to determine that both of them are quite effective. Every person has different quality requirements. So, the categories under which the person chooses whether to get a record player or turntable include.

Build quality

Turntables have far better build quality as compared to a record player. The turntables are built to suit the long term requirements. However, the record players are easy to hold, light, and are portable as well. Although record players with higher build quality are available in the market, they aren’t really available.

Sound quality

The best turntables at Electronique hi-fi have excellent sound quality. The sound quality produced by a record player is usually of lower quality. However, with turntables, it is pre-amp and efficient. The record players are built of low cost and different components that do not suit many requirements. High-quality ones are costly and far more than the agreeable price. Since the record player is inbuilt, you won’t have many options to customize, but with a turntable, you always have that option.

Well, it totally depends upon you what you want to purchase, the turntables or record player. It all comes down to your requirements, so you need to be precise about it.

Today on our blog, we are discussing a wonderful Coming Soon and Maintenance Plugin for WordPress, Coming Soon WP.

I think you know what a Coming Soon Page and it’s importance. You can find a lot of similar WordPress plugins from the directory but we have some solid reasons to choose Coming Soon WP over others.

Here we go what makes Coming Soon our favourite.

  1. It’s Free to Use

Yes, the Plugin is absolutely free to download. It helps you to set up a Coming Soon Pages, Website Maintenance Mode Pages, and Landing Pages easily. You will have complete control over the website frontend through this plugin.

  1. Works with any WordPress Themes

I think this really matter while choosing any WordPress Plugins. If you plan to use Coming Soon WP, you won’t need to worry about its compatibility with WordPress Themes or other Plugins. The works with any WordPress theme & plugin and doesn’t mess or create errors while you use.

  1. Easily connects with MailChimp

If you are an Internet Marketer, I won’t need you to explain the importance of collecting emails. Email Marketing is still one of the best methods to interact with your readers. Coming Soon WP perfectly integrates with MailChimp and opens the best way to collect emails from your visitors even from the Coming Soon Pages.

Pro Version

Coming Soon WP Pro version comes with some additional features such as SEO Preview and Analysis tool, Tons od Premium Images, 70+ Themes and more. Here we go with some of the notable features of Coming Soon WP Pro version.

  1. SEO Setup

Search Engine Optimization is the key to growing visibility in organic search engine results. You should focus on your SEO setup from the beginning. If you are using Coming Soon WP Pro version, you won’t need to worry about your SEO.

The Plugin comes with excellent SEO setups such as SEO Snippet Preview that provides a real-time preview of how the site will look in Google’s search results and detailed SEO analysis that runs over 20 tests on various aspects of your SEO.

  1. Premium Images and Themes

The Pro version of the plugin comes with 70+ themes, 26+ Instagram filters, 650,000 premium images. You have the option to choose any themes, images and Instagram filters that match your blog.

The Plugin helps you to control over Layout Design, Background Design, Logo Design, Header Design, and more. We recommend you to purchase Coming Soon WP premium version to explore the real power of the tool.

Many businesses today use social media for marketing their brands and connecting with their current and potential customers. Various social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide an effective platform for marketers to engage with prospective customers in real-time. Therefore, you can use social listening tools to learn and frequently monitor how consumers react to your products online. This article will cover all you need to about monitoring your social media accounts.

What is Social Media Listening?

Social listening is a continuous endeavor of identifying and establishing people’s perception of your products or services across all your social networks. Through social media listening, you can learn crucial consumer insights that can help you know what consumers love most about your brand to help you improve or maintain your brand. Perhaps you may be wondering if it is necessary to monitor your social presence. Remember that with ever-evolving technology, consumer needs are also changing at a very high rate. Since you don’t have the mandate of controlling what consumers have to say, bad comments and reviews can easily damage and pull down what you’ve spent years building. That is why social listening is vital to help you identify and control such comments before they can harm your brand.

How Do Social Media Listening Tools Work?

Modern technology has brought about several innovations that have transformed how businesses operate. Monitoring tools keep track of social media channels as well as index them. Various social listening tools such as next-generation AI analytics have tremendously improved the accuracy, speed, and management of data, which happen in real-time. Social monitoring tools enable you to identify negative comments and act on them before they go viral. Remember, social negativity travels faster, and their impact is enormous if they go viral. Therefore, using the best monitoring tools can help control such issues. They allow you to set alerts to notify you when there are topics that need immediate response to control the situation. To monitor your social presence, you can use your own crawlers or use a third-party company provider. Many top-performing social analytics companies such as NetBase promise to give a high return on your investment.

NetBase is a top-rated social analytics and social media monitoring company that delivers accurate, fast, and in-depth customer insights to help you make informed decisions. The platform has been trusted by world-class companies like Coca Cola, Lloyds Banks, Edelman, and several others, to build and grow their brands and connect with their consumers. NetBase employs the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence, which uses expert systems and in-class machine learning in data analysis. It also provides transparent social media analysis processes that are verifiable. Additionally, it offers clients an easy way to understand consumer behaviors and emotions to help them make informed decisions to facilitate growth.

How to Choose Social Monitoring Tools

There are several free social listening tools out there. However, it is always advisable to buy one because we all know that free things have their drawbacks. With so many selections, it might be challenging to choose an effective monitoring tool. Some of the crucial things you need to consider include speed and accuracy. An excellent social media analysis tool should have the ability to give real-time feedback to help you act fast. It should also be accurate in data analysis. If the social media listening tool provides inaccurate results, that could be a waste of time and resources; thus, it’s of no use. Another aspect to consider is integration. Remember that social listening is just part of the whole process. Therefore, to ensure the smooth running of the entire system, you should ensure that your monitoring tool integrates with other tools such as social media listening and social media intelligence.