August 2020


Everyone, who runs their own online business needs to have their server to operate their web portal conveniently and safely. In such a case, nothing can be better than having a private virtual Server. Today, we will be discussing some of the interesting factors of one such popular and cheap dedicated server which is VPS Malaysia. This has so far gathered a bunch of public attention because of its distinct features and functioning. Let’s know about it a bit! 

Advantages Of Using VPS Malaysia

  • Protect Of Sensitive And Private Information: 

A website plays as an identity of any brand or business for the audience. Certainly, the owners need to put a lot of information about the business which needs complete protection. This VPS Malaysia allows you to put as much information as you want on your website and let people know about the same in detail without being afraid of any corruption of files. 

  • Easeful Access: 

Most of the time, various harmful viruses may attack the website that can put our website in great trouble and also destroy its entire functionality. But you don’t need to bother for any such uncertain circumstances with VPS Malaysia. It allows you to use dedicated resources to make your website more prominent and attractive. Ranging from storage to configuration, all you will get from this extraordinary private server. 

  • Convenient Setting: 

You don’t need to bother to set up this server for your website. This is very easy to enable and also maintain and operate. You can also configure it according to your needs and preferences. There is no hard and fast rule required to set up the Dedicated server hosting for your website as you just need to follow the instruction as prompted on your screen. 

  • Fast And Stable Connection: 

This is the best thing to grab with VPS Malaysia. It benefits you with unlimited bandwidth to store important information about your business website. Moreover, as it is a self-owned server, you can use it conveniently for your purposes without any interruption or intervention. The next important point is, you can also allow the users of your website to access it conveniently with lesser run time and convenient accessibility. 

If you are looking to have a great server for your website you can get VPS Malaysia from the official website You can also get a detailed idea about the same from this web portal. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the price as it is designed cost-effectively so that anyone can own it easily. Now, make your website perfect with amazing specifications offered by this versatile and cheap dedicated server VPS Malaysia. 

Samsung M31s comes with powerful features and specifications and this is the reason that many people want to buy Samsung M31s. It is the successor of M31 and was launched on 5 August 2020. The dimensions of the mobile is 6.27 x 2.93 x 0.37 inch and weight is 203 grams. The mobile comes with the feature of fact unlock and it is available in mirage black and mirage blue colors.


The mobile consists of an Exynos 9611 chipset and the processor present in the handset is octa core. This octa core processor is actually divided into two quad core processors. One of them runs at the frequency of 2.3 GHz while the other one has the frequency of 1.7 GHz. The architecture of the processor is 64 bit and the graphics processing unit present in the mobile is Mali-G72 MP3.


The mobile works on the latest version of Android and that is Android 10.0 OneUI. AL the apps can be easily installed and used on this operating system very easily


The internal memory of the mobile is 128 GB and it can be expanded up to 512 GB, as microSD slot is present in the mobile. The mobile has two variants and these differ only in RAM. One of these variants has the RAM of 6 GB and the other one as the RAM of 8 GB. All other features are similar in both the variants.


The display of the mobile has the resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The size of the screen is 6.5 inches and it is a super AMOLED screen whose aspect ratio is 20:9. The display has no bezel and it has a punch hole at the center on top. The maximum brightness of the display is 420 nits. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The display is a touch screen display and it also supports multitouch. The display supports 16 million colors and people can enjoy videos and games easily. The pixel density of the display is 405 ppi.


The rear camera of the mobile is of 64 MP and has the aperture of f/1.8. The camera also has a 12 MP wide angle camera along with five MP depth sensor and 5 MP filter camera. The camera consists of LED flash and the feature is not available in front camera. Other features of the rear camera include auto focus, auto flash, touch to focus, and face detection. Pictures can be zoomed up to 10 x. Videos can be recorded from the front and the rear camera at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at the rate of 30 fps.


The mobile has 6000 mAh li-ion battery, which cannot be removed from the mobile. The mobile can be charged at a fast speed with the help of 25 watt charger.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the features in the mobile they have attracted a lot of people. Many people have purchased the mobile from online and offline stores and are enjoying its features. Nobody has complained about anything related to any feature of the mobile.

When choosing or building management software for your church, it is essential to look at various factors. It is because of the smooth functioning of the church. Every possible function that is scheduled on the software must take into consideration. It ensures an efficient processing system, and the high complexity of the functionality is present in an abstract version that is easy to use and user-friendly. To grow your church over time simultaneously with the usual congregation activities like managing funds, relationships with all the active people who are part of your church. Also, inviting the new members and managing their profiles and contributions require a Church Management Software that can handle all these tasks within a minute or so. It creates a Centralized user-friendly application that optimizes the funds of the church and eases the workload of the volunteers for these processes. So let us go through all the benefits in brief, that you can enjoy if you have the management software for your church.

  • Centralized Functionality:

Creating an application that meets all your diverse requirements and allows you to operate these under a single unit. Having such software can be proven useful to concentrate on other essential activities and manage them rather than doing these regular simple tasks that take your more effort and time.

  • Dashboards:

Having this on your Church Management Software that is full-fletched working and has all the functionalities to donate, raise funds, register for the events, and many more activities. And this increases the chances of growing funds and congregation for your church.

  • Keeping Track Of All The Check-Ins:

This will keep track of all the members of the church. It will maintain data for all the members who will participate in the events and functions of the church. It also keeps the accounts of the congregation funds and easy to pay feature for all those who will attend it.

  • Helps To Keep The Statistics Reports:

With the data analysis, you can check the statistics to know about the influence of your church and people’s worship in your community. And you can share the growth of the same on your church’s dashboard to show the visitors and motivate them to donate more. And for first-time visitors, it may attract them to join the church and they may feel willing to join.

  • Contribution Management:

You can create an easy to donate options for the congregation and generate updated reports of collections. It will accurately track the contributions, and the fund will directly go to the church.

In today’s times, page-loading times play a crucial role in the success of a website. While most users tend to abandon slow sites, search engines also cut critical SEO points for sites that take a long time to load. Hence, several applications and tools have evolved to help websites boost their loading times. Caching is one such solution that allows websites, especially those hosted on Shared Servers, to offer blazing-fast loading speeds to visitors. There are various web caching tools available, like Squid, NGINX, Varnish, etc. Today, we will be talking about NGINX and offer a basic to help you benefit from this tool.

What is NGINX?

NGINX is open-source software that enables caching, load balancing, reverse proxy services and streaming services. It is based on a versatile technology and can efficiently serve static content. It also functions as a ‘true’ cache server when positioned in front of an application server.

While NGINX can install on any operating system, Linux is a recommended option. Hence, if you have hosted your website on a Linux Hosting plan, then NGINX can be a good option.

NGINX Caching

NGINX can be used to boost the speed of your server by configuring it to cache responses from your server. It can also create edge servers for a CDN or a Content Delivery Network – another excellent option for boosting site speeds. Once you have configured it right, NGINX will be able to cache dynamic and static content, use micro-caching to make dynamic content more efficient, etc.

Here are some things that you need to know:

  1. Caching static content using NGINX

Static content means the content that does not change across pages. It can include images or videos, JavaScript or CSS files, documents, etc. You can use NGINX to optimize the performance of the static content on your website by enabling caching (client-side). The setting allows the browser to store copies of the static content for faster browsing.

  1. Caching dynamic content using NGINX

You can use NGINX to cache dynamic content too. It uses a disk-based cache to store dynamic content by creating a disk directory in the local file system. You also need to ensure that you set the right ownership for the cache directory. Next, you must configure the port that it listens on (usually port 81) and configure the proxy cache.

NGINX also offers a feature that allows you to deliver stale content from its cache if your server is unresponsive for any reason. You need to configure the directive to ensure that whenever it receives an error message from the web server, it delivers stale content to the user as opposed to relaying the error message. It helps improve uptimes and ensure uninterrupted services. NGINX also offers a range of options to fine-tune the performance of the cache and allows you to split the cache across multiple hard drives if needed.

Summing Up

While you assess your site’s hosting needs before buying a hosting service, a caching solution can help speed the performance of the site regardless of the type of web hosting service purchased by you. While configuring it might require some amount of technical knowledge, you can seek assistance from your host or a technical professional to configure it optimally for your site. NGINX offers complete control over the configuration of the proxy. Leverage it to your benefit. Good Luck!

What devices you need to wire you to have to write it down in your book. The most beautiful houses are wire-free. There are wireless protocols like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, by this you can install smart products in your home and use it.

If you want to make your home smart, you will need a smartphone and a Wi-Fi router. Nowadays, most people have smartphones and Wi-Fi router by this, you will connect the smart products to it and control it by your choice.

You have to hardwire some devices which are dumb like air conditioning, smart garden and many more. If you don’t like wires, then you can go with power batteries. But these power batteries are only available for few devices. When you connect with your home, wires are very cool and smart. You should go to your breaker box, and if it is open with a hand drill, then no need to call an electrician to your house because it is easy. You will only do it with less time. Your money will be saved because when you bring an electrician to your house, he will charge money for working. If you want some smart things, you can check Tuya Smart Home Devices

Select the Location To Control

The new smart home should contain a device to control all the smart things from only one place. You want to control all the smart devices from the device like

  • Audio, you can use Google voice assistant.
  • Smartphone, you have to install the application of the smart product and use it.

And when you plan to make your home smart, you have decided which devices you will make smart like audio, video, lights, fans, smoke detectors, laptops, and many more. All these are wired in your home, so if you want to control them with the smart feature, then you have removed the old product and replace it with a new smart one. If you want to rewire, your home selects the devices which you want to rewire.

Use cable reels to transport wires.

How to Connect Wires

Some big companies that offer you smart products if you call them will only do wire things and connect smart devices you want. Alternatively, the other option is that you can call an electrician and do the wirework. Because we are connecting and doing stuff with wires, it is risky and dangerous. You might get a shock or shock circuit that can happen if you know where the breaker box is, and you know to use it, then directly off the breaker box, and do the wiring work by yourself. And when you connect it, then there is no chance of giving money to anyone.

The Equipments You Will Need At the Time of Wiring 

The main and important tools you will need at the time of wirings are

Screws, wire nuts, a level, drill, screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and wire strippers. In all this, you will mostly need a screwdriver and wire nuts.

How to Wire A Smart Outlet 

  • You have to turn off the power of all the houses by offing it from the breaker box.
  • Unscrew the wall plate. And remove the old outlet from the wall.
  • You have to turn the old switch or outlet wire from it, in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Take the old switch or outlet from the wall and keep it inside any box or anywhere because if you want in the future, you will need it.
  • See the wire properly that it will get connected with the new one or don’t know about it. You can ask an electrician about that.
  • And when you get to connect the wires if smart outlet. Most times, the wires will be in two different colors, and if it is not, you will need a voltage tester, and by checking the wire, you can easily connect your wires.
  • Place back the old wires inside the wall. And old wire should be connected with the smart outlet.
  • Now screw the new smart outlet in the wall box and attach the plate also if it is there.
  • Turn the power on from the breaker box. And you can use the smart outlet in your home.

Light Switches and Outlets

You have replaced existing light switches and outlets with new smart light switches and smart outlets. After that, connect the new smart products to the Wi-Fi and use it in your smartphone with the product application. When you install it, a smart button will control all the smart lights. And smart outlets will control whatever is inserted in the outlet like a computer, table fan, lamp, and many more. We have told these two products together because the wiring system is the same in both the product light switches and outlets. While inserting a new smart product before inserting, check the voltage of the current from voltage tester than fit and use it.

How to Wire A Smart Smoke Alarm

A new version of smoke alarms can be controlled with the help of a smartphone. They come with hardwired or batteries anyone. Which one you like wire or batteries, then you have to select it. But it also depends on how your house is a wire or with batteries. If you have a wire in your home, then you can install it.

  • Off the power of the house from the breaker box.
  • Take your existing smoke alarm from the ceiling. You can keep the old one in your pouch. If you want, you can use it afterward.
  • Screw the bracket in the electrical box.
  • Unscrew the old wire nuts from the ceiling and remove it. After that, remove the old smoke alarm.
  • Connect the new smoke alarm wire to the wires of the ceiling.
  • And after connecting the wire, twist the position of the bracket.
  • All the work is done now. Turn the power on.

Separate Other Devices Which Are Not Smart 

There are some devices that we cannot replace with smart ones like wireless access points, system components, charging stations of some devices that can only be done physically, and many more.

Just because everyone else is doing something is usually not a good enough reason for anyone to do it.  Unless, of course, everyone else is right.  What is everyone else doing that maybe you should be doing also?  Everyone else, your competitors, your vendors, and if you are a B2B business, then your customers have websites.  Why don’t you?

There is no good reason not to have a website for your small business.  Your business offers goods and/or services to end consumers or other businesses.  Having a website enables potential customers to learn about your offerings.  They can learn about your staff if you like and hours and location too.  If you have a website but have not updated it in a while, then it is time to consider either an overhaul or some careful enhancements.

Some small businesses hesitate to launch a website since the business has been just finefor years or decades without a website.  But times have changed.  Landau Consulting, a web development company in New Jersey, has published a list of 7 myths about small business websites in the following infographic.

Small businesses that already have a website might bristle at the thought of relaunching it with a new look and new technologies to make it more user-friendly and efficient because it is in direct conflict with their “once and done” view of the website.  Cost and complexity are frequent excuses for avoiding building a website; or perhaps the perceived time investment required.

These are valid concerns but today’s technologies have addressed and resolved these concerns.  A good NJ small business web design company can help you work through the process of creating a compelling and effective website, regardless of where your business is.  They will help you understand your options, much like a good contractor will guide you through a home renovation or construction project.

Contact Landau Consulting today to get started on your new or improved company website.


With most parts of the world experiencing COVID pandemic it is now quite certain that almost all interactions, both material and human, are going to be digitalized in future. This has brought in immense possibilities and so also certain difficulties in its wake.  In this context numerous apps have appeared, yet only few have been able to hold on due to their inherent potentials.

One of these is Django app and for many businesses this is perhaps the smoothest way to take your business into multiple corners of the world. However, along with your internalization you now have a problem to create your localized products and services to be easily understood by people of other languages. This problem fortunately, please refer to, can now be easily solved with Django based multiple languages support.

Django App that Supports Multiple Languages

Clients love better and easier services and they are always on the lookout for any shortcuts. In online your app needs to serve a large customer base and many of them are at far off locations communicating in different languages. For instance, your clients may want Django app and CMS (admin panel) in German or Chinese, Malaysian, Spanish or Japanese.

The Django app supports not just preliminary feature of data translations, but also gives helps you understand complex cases too. In order to give supportive guidance like tutorial detai in your internationalization and translation efforts Django has ability to handle two kinds of data in the app.

It first handles static data with translations for all fields and looks into error messages. The next is that it has dynamic data for custom data for user and can simultaneously handle both these with no hassles.


When users wants to enable translation they need to inform Django app as to list of languages that it needs to support. This is used to support static data and default language as you may find if you go to for details. The default language is a language that the app automatically goes for in case of anything beyond the list.

You will find that this is best way to get more language based support for your business or service while expanding internationally for your localized products and services. The translation algorithm quickly determines as to which translation it needs to install in current thread once request has been made. It also sifts and formats the URL such that the client knows which language has been used.