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Manufacturers mostly recommend using original chargers only. Have you ever wondered why? Well, that’s because the battery life and the overall performance of the phones depend upon the charging cables. Hence, it’s always suggested to use original branded chargers only. Having said that, the latest best options are lightning chargers. The requirement is again the same: using high-quality chargers only. So, in this guide, we have listed 3 lightning chargers by Mcdodo that are, by far, the best lightning chargers in the market. Dig in to find out all the features! 

  1. McDodo Type C to Lightning Auto-Disconnect PD Charging Cable

This is a nylon-braided super-strong and durable charging cable that resists regular wear and tear very easily. It bends but doesn’t break. One of the latest products in the market, it’s incorporated with many amazing features as listed below. 

  • It charges the phone up to 50% in half an hour at max. 
  • It is a smart cable. Hence, it detects as soon as the phone’s battery is 100% and stops charging automatically. This isn’t all. It also has an auto-connect feature. It means that the charger automatically starts charging the phone every 2 hours. 
  • The connectors are gold-plated. Hence, they do not corrode. As a result, the port of the phone is safe from rust. 

Hitherto, there are not many charging cables in the market that have the automatic re-connecting feature yet. 

  1. McDodo QI Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 12

Yes, there are many magnetic chargers in the market. Wondering what makes this charging cable so special? Well, unlike the other cables that fall off easily, this cable has a very strong magnet. So, when you put it at the back of your phone, it won’t come off until you take it out yourself. Other interesting features are as follows. 

  • It’s a 15W charging cable. Hence, the charging speed is lightning fast. 
  • It’s a non-bulky magnetic charger. Hence, it’s not at all inconvenient. 
  • It has a very sleek slim design. 
  1. Mcdodo PD 20W USB-C To Lightning charging Cable

This charging cable redefines the term lightning charging by reducing the charging time to less than an hour instead of the usual 2-3 hours that other traditional chargers take. 

It’s not your regular charging cable. It’s a smart charging cable that has an LED indicator that displays the battery status. 

These are a few options in the market that are a must-buy. You can also explore the website, to have a look at other amazing options so that you find the perfect charger according to your needs. 

When it comes to security vulnerability, it can be an error, bug, fault, flaw, or weakness in the software design, architecture, code, or any implication that can be easily exploited by cyber attackers. When a software fault, error, weakness, etc. in any software application, design, etc. is left unattained, it can lead to security vulnerabilities or cyber-attacks. There are 3 major types of security vulnerabilities that are given below, based on their nature of weakness:

  1. Porous defense vulnerabilities- This is one of the most common security vulnerabilities one can come across in the given software. In the list of 25 security vulnerabilities, 11 of them will involve porous defense vulnerability. There are many defensive techniques available such as encryption, authorization, and authentication. These techniques are useful when applied and used correctly but, when these are misused, abused, or used incorrectly they can lead to security vulnerabilities. The lack of these basic defensive techniques of missing encryption, authorization, and authentication can lead to major cyber threats.
  2. Vulnerabilities involving insecure interaction between components- Even though the insecure interaction between components category is not very common among security vulnerability, it’s a quite dangerous one. One can say, it is one of the least wanted software errors or vulnerability by all. It involves major cyber threats like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and Open Redirect. 
  3. Risky resource management vulnerabilities- In a basic sense, resource management include creating, using, transferring, and destroying system resources such as memory. Proper and secure management is necessary for effective and safe application defense. The different types of risky resource management security vulnerabilities are related to the ways that the software mismanages the resources. The security vulnerabilities in these categories range from simple Buffer Overflow and Path Traversal to more serious and complicated issues like Inclusion of Functionality from Untrusted Control Sphere and Use of Potentially Dangerous Functions. 

All these types of security vulnerabilities have one thing in common. They are related to how the data is sent and received between separate programs, threads, modules, processes, components, and systems. To avoid and defend these vulnerabilities, there are two important strategies:

  • You must be thorough with what inputs you are using and make sure that it comes from a good source.
  • You must be well aware and make sure to use those inputs properly for their intended purposes.

Hence, it’s necessary to know about these security vulnerabilities and take the necessary steps to protect your system.

Most of the businesses have a tough time that they seeing the value of SEO and we get that. There is an ample count of information and misleading info available out there about search engine optimization and it can enhance the difficulty of the decision. While an effective strategy in the field of small business SEO services take a few months to show some positive results for the company and tactics may not make any sense for non-SEO professionals as it can make it a vital improvement in the online exposure and profits of the company.

Most companies are too nervous while trying something that they are not aware ofbut let us tackle it and nearly almost all business decisions have a risk that they carry differently with it. Some can be avoided and others can lead to sudden as well as serious growth. Then, the main question here is what SEO service risks is all about and which one ought to be taken or avoided.

Before we delve into it, let us put this out first and the greater SEO risk a business can make is by avoiding it. Have you got it? Let us keep it into account.

Testing small and large changes

The goal of SEO is to get traffic as well as transactions on the site and it will not happen if no one clicks on the website in the very first place. So, if you are adding some relevant keywords on the website but no one is clicking on that link, then what? There could be a lot of engenders and it can take zero minutes exactly why it is not performing and expected.

You can do that through A/B testing. Like, take a new element at a time with Meta descriptions, the content, the titles, and test them with some new variations. That is good andit is obvious too. The risk associated here is that correcting wording or layout combination that leads to max web traffic and transactions. During this, you may find a combination that works like nothing and ends up decreasing traffic.

Acquiring and giving HQ backlinks

Why businesses are establishing the links of another site and let the user go to any other page? Well, backlinks are a well-maintained and established element of SEO optimization Company and many businesses want them.It is helpful to increase rankings and build authority.

However, there is no need to give a lot of backlinks as sometimes you require to give a little back. Yes, you may have on the risk of losing web visitors by giving a link to some other websites that are of High-quality. But it also indicates that your site is reliable in terms of Google authority as you have some authorized links.

Overhaul the site

The website needs to be get updated once in a while and redesigning is also required. Revamping can be riskyand costly too, time-taking as well. A new facelift is also important as it may seem to out of the date. Google understands the website through this overhauling and it may bounce your ranking too.


When choosing or building management software for your church, it is essential to look at various factors. It is because of the smooth functioning of the church. Every possible function that is scheduled on the software must take into consideration. It ensures an efficient processing system, and the high complexity of the functionality is present in an abstract version that is easy to use and user-friendly. To grow your church over time simultaneously with the usual congregation activities like managing funds, relationships with all the active people who are part of your church. Also, inviting the new members and managing their profiles and contributions require a Church Management Software that can handle all these tasks within a minute or so. It creates a Centralized user-friendly application that optimizes the funds of the church and eases the workload of the volunteers for these processes. So let us go through all the benefits in brief, that you can enjoy if you have the management software for your church.

  • Centralized Functionality:

Creating an application that meets all your diverse requirements and allows you to operate these under a single unit. Having such software can be proven useful to concentrate on other essential activities and manage them rather than doing these regular simple tasks that take your more effort and time.

  • Dashboards:

Having this on your Church Management Software that is full-fletched working and has all the functionalities to donate, raise funds, register for the events, and many more activities. And this increases the chances of growing funds and congregation for your church.

  • Keeping Track Of All The Check-Ins:

This will keep track of all the members of the church. It will maintain data for all the members who will participate in the events and functions of the church. It also keeps the accounts of the congregation funds and easy to pay feature for all those who will attend it.

  • Helps To Keep The Statistics Reports:

With the data analysis, you can check the statistics to know about the influence of your church and people’s worship in your community. And you can share the growth of the same on your church’s dashboard to show the visitors and motivate them to donate more. And for first-time visitors, it may attract them to join the church and they may feel willing to join.

  • Contribution Management:

You can create an easy to donate options for the congregation and generate updated reports of collections. It will accurately track the contributions, and the fund will directly go to the church.

Want to know whether there are any valuable reasons for adding proxy servers to your usual online tools? Of course, proxies can significantly improve your Internet experience. But as a smart person, you should make a wise decision before purchasing such services.

Why a proxy can be useful

Using proxies is common nowadays, as they allow you to do myriads of cool things on the web.  Here is what you should know about their strong points.

1. A proxy masks your real IP

It is probably the most marvelous feature of the proxies. With the help of a proxy server, the site you are accessing won’t be able to identify your personal data, because it will work with the IP of the server instead of yours. In simple words, you are relatively anonymous while surfing the Internet.

2.  Geo-blocked content is available

Some websites offer content and services that are locked behind geographic restrictions. It usually happens because of network rules as well as copyright issues. However, proxies camouflage your IP address, so content providers can’t stop you from reaching the sites that are blocked in your area. An excellent illustration of this benefit is using a DE prox to watch live streams from ZDF.

3. Page speed may be significantly increased

This can be explained by the fact that proxies usually cache data. Once they visit particular web sites, they save them for another time. Buy proxy from a reliable world-class provider to be sure you get the best and fastest proxies ever existed.

4. Proxies protect from malicious sites

Proxies can stop users from visiting web sources that might contain harmful stuff. And if you accidentally visit a malicious site, any dangerous scripts it might carry would affect the proxy but your computer would be safe. However, you shouldn’t rely only on this defense mechanism.

The 404 error can be because of the misspelled URL, or if the requested page is deleted or moved. It means ‘Page Not Found’. Today, website owners get creative with their 404s. With visuals and clever wordplay, some companies create memorable and funny 404s that help to strengthen their brand.

How to fix 404s?

Some errors cannot be avoided like misspells of URL, which always occurs, and you cannot do anything, except create a fun 404 page. You cannot control errors from the client’s side, but make sure your website never contributes to this issue.

Never ignore a webpage you removed, you must redirect visitors to a relevant page. Otherwise, they will experience the frustrating 404 error page and certainly bounce. Thus visitor’s bounce rate increases, and that dents your SEO ranking.

Google never fines 404s per se, but it approves sites that offer the best user experience. Therefore, make sure you handle the 404 errors in the following ways.

Use redirects

Check all the pages and identify the ones that need redirecting. If you moved the page without applying redirect rule from old to a new address, the users will hit a 404 wall. So, to redirect WordPress pages with ease, use a plugin. You can do it manually, but using WP 301 Redirect plugin, the task becomes fast and easy. You get good results.

The WP 301 redirect tool allows the user to control and organize their redirects. Besides, the plugins distinguish between bad and useful bots. The bad bots are programmed and released by cyber criminals and online scammers. They work in different ways ranging from stealing sensitive data and creating adverse effects on your marketing campaign.

The example of a good bot is Google’s crawler. They keep track of page performance and report to SERP central. They help your site get noticed, and offer proper access to seekers who come in search of your products or services. WP 301 redirect tool filters the bots, enforcing the bad bots to stay on 404, so no harm gets done.

Add search bar to 404 webpage

By installing a search bar to your 404 error page, you can take advantage from it. It doesn’t matter if the client makes an error and lands on the 404, you must help them. The search bar will them navigate on your site, and find the information they cam in search of.

Implement sitemap on the 404 webpage

Another way to transform your 404 issues into profit is by developing a sitemap on this error webpage. The sitemap helps customers locate the page they desire to visit on your site. Transforming a 404 into a navigation page helps to increase your chances of conversion or sales.

Monitor for 404s

Users don’t report 404s but bounce off the page. You will need to check for 404s periodically. Be proactive!

Another crucial plugin for your site is Simple Author Box. You will find 40,000+ active installations of authors box for WordPress blog. Bloggers can create themed bios, including creative bio details, to engage readers and build credibility. Guest authors can be added, and even multiple authors can enjoy their participation in a single post. For bloggers inviting guest posts, this plugin helps to make their tasks much easy.

Whether you launched your company only several months ago or you are an experienced businessman with a bunch of successful enterprises under your belt, you know that you should always improve your business. The success of every company has a lot to do with its marketing strategy. How to make your marketing better?

4 creative marketing ideas to boost your business

  • Refresh and renovate your brand.

For customers and potential customers, it is important to know what the company is and does, therefore, you should have an attractive brand identity and refresh it from time to time. Our world is constantly changing, thus it is impossible to establish your brand once and forever.

  • Learn your customers.

There is no such thing as the perfect marketing strategy, which is suitable for every company. You need to do your research to stay on top of innovative trends in your industry. Market research is crucial for your business, however, doing it manually isn’t efficient and takes tons of time. Use to automate the process and give you a feed of news articles, pricing and sales data, and what your competitors are doing. This service can also track competitors’ marketing campaigns.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of your community.

When it comes to a marketing plan, experiment with different approaches. Find local events in your community and participate. Donate prizes to competitions and contests that will engage your community, and make them want to come back to your company.

  • Collect and use testimonials.

Generally, people tend to write and publish negative reviews. However, every time you see positive feedback, make the most of it. Share and post testimonials on social media and other sites. When you have positive communications with customers, they will encourage others to use your services and good reviews online will add value to your brand.


Situations may arise where you have to change the server of your database. In some circumstances, you may have to migrate your database from SQL Server to MySQL. This conversion and migration of the database involve great amount of careful planning. All the planning is required to make sure that there is sufficient amount of performance and reliability. It will also avoid any chances of data loss and corruption during the conversion process. There will be fewer chances of system downtown as well. You will have to face lesser risks.

To make the conversion process of the database from SQL Server to MySQL easy and simpler some special software have been designed. The software have special tools to transfer all database objects from the source DBMS to the target. These database objects also include table definitions with necessary attributes (null flag, default values, etc), data, indexes and constraints, views. Following are some of the basic features which need to be present in the Advanced SQL Server to MySQL database converter:

  •   It should be able to provide you with high-performance database migration for greater efficiency
  •   It should support and work on all Windows including Windows 7,8 & 10
  •   Moreover, the converter should also support all the version of MySQL and MS SQL (including Azure SQL).
  •   For users to easily use the software it should have a user-friendly interface
  •   For automating and scheduling option it should support the command line feature
  •   It should have options of merging and synchronizing the existing MySQL database with MS SQL data.
  •   It should also support for Unicode and complete installation and uninstallation process.

One of the amazing tools which incorporate all these features is MS SQL to MySQL converter. Intelligent Converters developed this tool. This is a software company which specializes synchronization and database conversion since 2001. Thus, it has been in this business sector for more than fifteen years. The company claims that this database converter has all the above capabilities and other advantages as follows:

  •   In rare cases where the MySQL server is not able to accept remote connections, the program has the ability to export data into SQL script file. Basically, in this approach, the MS MS SQL data is exported into a local file. This local file contains data definition (DDL) statements which create tables with all the necessary indexes and constraints to fill them with data. This will help database specialists to import files to MySQL server using the standard tools like phpMyAdmin.
  •   Moreover, in some situations, it is required to convert partial data from tables or merge files into one file. Thus, the converter software helps you in doing so and allows converting the result of SELECT queries which are run against the source SQL Server database.
  •   Furthermore, it has the “custom column mapping” to change column name or type in the final database. In addition to this, you can also specify table type according to what you want such as SAM, MyISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB.


Today you will discover the best 5 sites to convert DNG files to JPG online: you can use these portals whenever you need to perform this type of conversion, but also when you want to change formats for this operation in terms of output. Some of these tools, then, allow you to convert files in batch mode, therefore being able to convert several simultaneously. In this way, you will be able to carry out this task quickly and also very simply, since you will not have to download any software on your computer. Finally, some of these platforms allow you to customize different image parameters.

1. AnyConv

The best of the sites to convert DNG files to JPG online is AnyConv. Among the many advantages of this site, you can find the possibility of mass conversions of files, since it is able to work in batches. In addition, the use of the platform is very intuitive: once the files are loaded in the appropriate window, you can select the output format and then start the conversion operations.


Online Image Converter to JPG is an excellent tool made available from the well-known website. The strong point of this platform is the presence of several very advanced conversion parameters, which you can customize as you wish: on the other hand, unfortunately, there is no batch conversion and therefore you cannot convert more than one file at a time. You will be able to convert after uploading the file and after customizing the various parameters: among these options, for example, you will find image resizing, DPI modification, color options, quality boost and cropping option . Finally, consider that using this site you can upload files not only from PC, but also from Dropbox, Google Drive or online URL.


DNG to JPG is one of the easiest websites to convert DNG files to JPG online: compared to the others, in fact, in this case you will find yourself in front of a very basic platform, still equipped with some really useful options. Options such as the ability to upload the file via URL, or the ability to customize parameters such as photo size and quality in percent. If you need a very fast and spartan tool, DNG to JPG is probably the best choice you can make. Then, once the few parameters are set, just click on Convert to start the operation.

4. Zamzar: DNG to JPG

In terms of fame, few manage to compare with Zamzar: DNG to JPG. In fact, this well-known platform also has a tool for converting DNG files to JPG online. In addition, this site allows you to perform a multiple batch conversion, which makes it even more valuable. How to use? You have to upload the file (from PC or URL) and then select JPG as the output format. Once this is done, you must enter your email address to receive the download links. Finally, just click on Convert to receive the email from Zamzar. The only flaw, therefore, is the slowness of the process to download the files.

5. FreeFileConverter

The last of the best sites to convert DNG files to JPG online is FreeFileConverter: it looks a lot like the previous ones, since it allows you to upload files also from Dropbox or URL. On the other hand, there are no customization options: the site however compensates for its immediacy.

Before the advent of virtualization and distributed computing, private companies needed to put away their well-deserved cash to purchase their own servers as a major aspect of their business. On the off chance that you have your own server, companies would make use of an IT expert to deploy the same. Simultaneously, it was indicated that most servers were bought to play out specific assignments or run certain applications and rightly so.

In the event that you think this independent company has constrained access to assets, interest in innovation is restricted to the fundamentals. Subsequently, private companies, in any event until the appearance of VPS, couldn’t contend innovatively with their a lot bigger contenders. VPS hosting offers various alluring points of interest for independent companies. 

  1. Lower working expenses

The presentation of the Internet liberates private ventures from the weight of owning and working their own servers. By leasing server PC administration necessities from VPS specialist organizations, they can satisfy the specific prerequisites they require for server PCs. At the point when you set up VPS, you can get the best from your server since you just set what you need. 

As the name proposes, VPS is a private server – your server – that addresses your issues. This is the same as having your own server, then again, actually you don’t need to put resources into the underlying expenses of the physical server, you don’t need to stress over support, you don’t need to pay money related weights to oversee and keep up the server, and similarly as significant: you don’t have to stress over maturing. 

  1. Control stays with you

VPS hosting shares the positive qualities of what is owed to your own server that you have full power over your VPS. In a common situation, you “share” servers with several potential nations. Deceitful applications from one of these nations can close all. Since this is your private server, you can run whatever application you pick on that server. 

  1. Compactness

Basic issues with having a physical server are application movability and speed. You can move the application to another server. The demonstrated favorable position of VPS is application convenience. VPS accounts are overseen by the specialist organization as a picture server. On the off chance that you decide to redesign or downsize your server, your supplier can move your pictures to another server without a vacation. 

  1. Autonomous execution

VPS execution is less influenced by different clients who utilize the equivalent physical server. Whether or not it is processor, memory, memory, or transmission capacity, your VPS is less influenced than different VPS customers from your VPS hosting, in light of the fact that your supplier just allots a specific measure of assets to your VPS. 

  1. Security

Security is a typical issue of every single online organization. This is the principle explanation behind organizations when they have the possibility of redistributing their server needs to outsiders. With VPS hosting, your source documents and information can remain facilitated behind a safe part that can’t be gotten to by other specialist co-ops. The security gave by VPS is similar to having a devoted physical serverless speculation. 

  1. Dynamic scaling of IT with business 

Numerous organizations are patterned. On the off chance that you have your own physical server, you should develop before the server sends. With VPS administrations, you can begin as little as your business can and develop as your business develops. An additional advantage of this flexibility is the capacity to decrease your VPS plan if your organization goes down. 

  1. Include another server demand

At the point when independent ventures discover the advantages of internet exchanging, there is a danger of vulnerability and instability. Developing structures and architecture for VPS  is normal both on the web and offline. What the web brings to the table is the capacity to enter new business openings rapidly. VPS hosting was created for this condition. Include new VPS varying. Download them when you no longer need them. Take speculation dangers from the condition. Include the specific measure of VPS overhead in the event that you have to pay to make sure about it.


We hope you have now understood why VPS hosting is one of the fnest choices for companies in South East Asia. If you still have any doubts, do write to us in the section below with your questions and/or feedback.