The 404 error can be because of the misspelled URL, or if the requested page is deleted or moved. It means ‘Page Not Found’. Today, website owners get creative with their 404s. With visuals and clever wordplay, some companies create memorable and funny 404s that help to strengthen their brand.

How to fix 404s?

Some errors cannot be avoided like misspells of URL, which always occurs, and you cannot do anything, except create a fun 404 page. You cannot control errors from the client’s side, but make sure your website never contributes to this issue.

Never ignore a webpage you removed, you must redirect visitors to a relevant page. Otherwise, they will experience the frustrating 404 error page and certainly bounce. Thus visitor’s bounce rate increases, and that dents your SEO ranking.

Google never fines 404s per se, but it approves sites that offer the best user experience. Therefore, make sure you handle the 404 errors in the following ways.

Use redirects

Check all the pages and identify the ones that need redirecting. If you moved the page without applying redirect rule from old to a new address, the users will hit a 404 wall. So, to redirect WordPress pages with ease, use a plugin. You can do it manually, but using WP 301 Redirect plugin, the task becomes fast and easy. You get good results.

The WP 301 redirect tool allows the user to control and organize their redirects. Besides, the plugins distinguish between bad and useful bots. The bad bots are programmed and released by cyber criminals and online scammers. They work in different ways ranging from stealing sensitive data and creating adverse effects on your marketing campaign.

The example of a good bot is Google’s crawler. They keep track of page performance and report to SERP central. They help your site get noticed, and offer proper access to seekers who come in search of your products or services. WP 301 redirect tool filters the bots, enforcing the bad bots to stay on 404, so no harm gets done.

Add search bar to 404 webpage

By installing a search bar to your 404 error page, you can take advantage from it. It doesn’t matter if the client makes an error and lands on the 404, you must help them. The search bar will them navigate on your site, and find the information they cam in search of.

Implement sitemap on the 404 webpage

Another way to transform your 404 issues into profit is by developing a sitemap on this error webpage. The sitemap helps customers locate the page they desire to visit on your site. Transforming a 404 into a navigation page helps to increase your chances of conversion or sales.

Monitor for 404s

Users don’t report 404s but bounce off the page. You will need to check for 404s periodically. Be proactive!

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