The photo editing process is not as simple as it seems if not done right. Yes, even amateurs can photo edit but without the right directions even the best phot editing software can’tyield the optimal results as it would if done by someone who’sdone their research. The post processing work is a complex one and it is important to compose the work before submitting or using it as a final project. Hence it should be understood that both editing and composing go hand in hand.  What happens after to the images after the phot editing has been done is one of the most important steps which is more than often overlooked. This is where the final product is created and this is what makes it stand out from the plethora of other images available in the market. Hence it is safe to say post processing is a theoretical dark room where the films are developed at.

Some basic editing tips to make the image even better

The points mentioned down below cover the ideas on phot editing and some of the crucial basics to more complex improvements on an image:

  1. cropping: the cropping tool is a boon for digital creators, allows one to resize their images and to also change the aspect ratio.

2.levelling: sometimes one of the most frustrating problems for a photographer can be alignment of their horizons with the subject of the image. And with this if the most basic composition technique is not applied the tasks becomes even more out of the ordinary

  1. vignetting: the process allows the user to make some parts of their photo darker than the rest. The sole purpose of this is to make the subject of the image pop out more.
  2. changing shadows and highlighting: an image has the dark areas and the light area and this a common occurrence when a photo is being snapped. This can be fixed by playing with the brightness of the image and by highlighting areas that seem to be lighter. Now this can be quite time consuming but the photolemur app can do it within a matter of a single click. Shocking right? – make sure to visit their website to know more about it.

Choosing the right photo editing app through photolemur

While photolemur is a great editing app. Their websites are so immersive and unique. They have great suggestions on what to pick according to an individual need and concerns. Their personal blog is filled with useful information on how to get the best deals out of these apps such as free trails. Make sure to visit their website for more information on the latest editing software and applications.


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