Targeting people based on their location is one of the ways to enhance your marketing efforts and become a well-known service provider in your area. Moreover, this is a way for you to get the desired type of traffic and not waste your resources on marketing to people who live somewhere else. Whether you want more people to book your service or buy your products, you should consider taking advantage of geo-targeting to engage with people who are in a specific geographic location.


More on Geo-targeting

The term is self-explanatory, but we’ll break it down further. Geo-targeting is a marketing concept that targets people in a specific location. For example, a business that is located in Sydney might want to focus on a specific suburb or a defined radius around that suburb. If a specific location in Sydney is used as a target area it means that people located in that area will be presented with specific ads, messages or other types of advertising. Basically, you can target a radius of 10km around specific suburbs, an entire city or a span of several countries.


Why should you consider geo-targeting?

If you want to advertise your services to people in a specific geographic location, you should consider geo-targeting. First, you need to specify the exact location you want to target. This is the area where you operate and where your target audience is located. Your target audience and ideal customers are those people who are the most likely to require your service or product.

You can easily exclude areas where you don’t want to show your ads or show different types of ads to people in different geographic areas. In a nutshell, geo-targeting is ideal for you if you want to focus only on a specific location and drive more conversions. You can do this with Google Ads, local SEO and organic search results.


How can you use geo-targeting to enhance conversion value and boost your traffic?

Depending on the type of your business, a conversion can be anything from making a sale, signing up a new customer or delivering a product to personalised service. In other terms, a conversion is any goal of your business that will result in profit. So, if you want to enhance your conversion value with geo-targeting practices, and simultaneously increase website traffic, here’s what you can do.


Set Up Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business profile is essential like any other form of online presence especially if you want to improve local awareness and target people locally. Moreover, it’s how people will find your business and access your information. If you don’t have a GMB profile, it’s time to work on your local SEO strategy and get optimised for local search.

The best way to approach this is to hire an SEO agency that will help you with the best local SEO strategies. They will help you set up your GMB profile, claim it and optimise it with relevant local search keywords. This is the key to appearing as an organic search result when people look for the service you offer and are located in your area.

Also, people can leave reviews on your Google My Business page and it’s also something that will boost your local presence. Your job is to answer each one of them and show other potential customers that you have exceptional customer service and that you are reliable and professional. Make sure your Google My Business profile is impeccable and properly optimised, and that information is up to date because it is the first step to increasing your online visibility in your desired location.


Run a local Google Ads campaign

If you want to target different locations, and a specific radius and deliver a personalised message to each of these locations, you should consider running a Google Ads campaign. Especially if you have stores or services in several physical locations, it might be smart to target each one specifically.

For starters, define the exact area and radius you wish to target. This way you’ll focus only on people in a specific location that are interested in your service or a product. You’ll save money by not showing the ads to areas that are irrelevant to your service area and are out of your service area.

Also, if you service one area but you deliver to a different area, you can have different campaigns that show different messages. This way, people who are targeted in an area where you have a physical location, can come to the store, while those that are located in another area can be guided to make a purchase or call you. All of these will be specified with a tailored ad copy and clear calls to action. People near your physical location can be invited to visit your showroom, while those that are not can be guided to visit your website. The key here is to deliver a personalised message that will further create a personalised experience.


Run a local Facebook or Instagram campaign

If you run a fitness studio and you want to target people near you, you can utilise social media and paid social media campaigns. First of all, you should be consistent with your content on social media. This is the easiest way to attract relevant people, build an online presence and build an online community.

Secondly, you can tag each post with your location and use relevant hashtags that will bring more visitors to your profile. When you have a post that performs well organically through a location tag and useful hashtags, you can use this post in your paid campaign and target more people in your desired geographical location. With the geo-targeting options on social media like Instagram, Facebook and others you will become locally relevant which in turn increases your chances of converting new customers.



By using geo-targeting in your digital marketing campaigns you will attract relevant people and increase your online presence in your location or the desired location. Either way, you’ll appear fro relevant local searches both organically if your GMB page is properly optimised and with paid campaigns. 



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