Today, more businesses can take the opportunity to experience the latest technology solution for augmenting business processes and productivity with the recent Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) programme. With the PSG grant web development and design, IT solutions and equipment available for SMEs, you might be wondering about the potential impact of these additions to your business.

Many are still holding on from hopping on the trend train. Adapting to technology solutions reaps tons of benefits for your business to engage more audience online and position it to a more competitive stand via digital marketing.

The PSG programme was launched to support the adoption and provide an alignment in sector-specific businesses for broader opportunities. With the 70% funding support and 80% support level (depending on your eligibility), firms can pick pre-scoped solutions based on their eligibility. From a PSG digital marketing grant to web development and designing, any business that benefits from it can experience boost leverage. You can find more information about it here.

Transforming Your Business With Ecommerce

Ecommerce may not be the newest term since it has been around a decade since the early 2000s. However, many businesses have embraced it as more product and service demands grow from local to international borders. More and more people are gaining access to the Internet, so many are looking for opportunities to make transactions online. It’s not surprising to see it as an alternative to making purchases instead of heading down to a local store. Thus, it makes sense for many companies to take this opportunity and expand their reach.

More and more sellers and organisations are using technology to tap more audiences and customers online. Therefore, a business that is eligible for a PSG grant for website design and web development can take advantage of the many ecommerce benefits. These advantages of ecommerce are:

Cost reduction

Many businesses have to keep up with their physical store maintenance. Running up a brick and mortar store can be expensive, and many startups are trying to ditch these expenditures by migrating to ecommerce platforms. Rents, repairs, inventory and store design are just one of the many aspects you have to account for. Thus, making it more difficult for them to meet a desirable profit or better ROI rate.

Flexibility for clients

Every online store is up and running 24/7, and they receive emails and orders from various clients, both local and international. Businesses who have taken a PSG grant for web development and design for an ecommerce solution can offer items and services to customers anytime and anywhere. Promos and discounts are also more apparent. They don’t have to contact your store for info that you can place on your site.

Plus, it helps other purchasers to make better purchasing decisions by leaving reviews. Positive reviews enable others to perceive your products or service as more reliable.

Affordable marketing

Digital marketing and ads are more affordable than renting a billboard to promote your store or item. The global marketplace of ecommerce is a visual channel where you can showcase your brand and products with a few tools or by receiving a PSG digital marketing grant. It’s also easier to create your marketing content via social media with a few clever slogans and nice and clear pictures, and you’re all set!

Reasons Why You Should Adopt Ecommerce To Your Business


According to J.P. Morgan reports, the local ecommerce market has a value of $4.9 billion dollars, and 42% of its market size is mobile commerce. Global Data also reports that Singapore’s ecommerce is expected to have an annual growth rate of 16.2%, predicted to reach more than $10 billion by 2025.

If your business hasn’t been adopting ecommerce technology, it’s about time that you consider selling your products online! Whether you’re planning to receive a PSG grant for web development and design or pay for professional services, incorporating the latest technology will help you keep up with demands. It also helps overcome the most common obstacles for retail, such as having more broader access to the market.

Here’s why you should adopt ecommerce technology to your business:

It makes business simpler

For starters, ecommerce might seem too technical for first-timers, especially if you’re not very keen or knowledgeable in technology. The process of creating your listings and transactions is done in such an efficient manner that it allows you to focus on showcasing your product or services on the site. It also provides extra convenience for your clients via features such as secured e-payment, mobile optimisation, etc.

Higher visibility online

If you are eligible for a PSG digital marketing grant, you can take advantage of digital marketing for your business. Ecommerce lets you generate and drive more traffic to your site, so you’ll gain more sales in the process. It’s one thing that most ecommerce stores do aside from showcasing their product list to customers. You’ll gain more access to a broader audience pool, which helps you gain more online customers at the end of the day.

Lesser inventory cost

Ecommerce lets you reduce the cost of inventory and warehouse needs since you’ll only have to rely on automated inventory management. Some would only need to depend on other stockpiling techniques since web-based algorithms are already doing the heavy lifting for automated inventory.

Global exposure

One of the biggest reasons local businesses are jumping to ecommerce since it helps you facilitate your enterprise on a global scale. It allows you to have more customers from various parts of the world and not just in Singapore.

Whether you’re receiving a PSG grant from a web agency or paying for an ecommerce solution, you can leverage your enterprise at another level. It doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars as capital to kickstart your ecommerce journey for a global sale!

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