An Instagram like is an appreciation of a person’s creativity or art. These days, it has turned into a sign of social standing. More the likes, higher the chances of you being a celebrity!

However, this has led to situations where people “Buy instagram story views fast” a certain number of likes at a price. This has turned into a business with individuals and companies vying with each other to buy likes. Instagram likes have evolved into a measure of reflecting social relationships between people. People like content solely because these people are their friends or family and not due to the fact that they appreciate the content of the post.

These days, the number of buy instagram story views fast is considered to be a value of “social currency”. Self-proclaimed “influencers” use their likes as a tool for marketing thus leading to an obsession for likes. Thus, a like has become a call for another like in this advertising game.

Hiding them Likes!

The platform was changing into a demanding nature increasing the competitiveness among the people. In order to shift back to the root concepts of creativity, spontaneity and storytelling, Instagram has now started hiding like on a trial basis. Thus, likes will be given to deserving posts rather than choosing to like the post based on who has already liked it. It helps users focus on what has been shared, instead of focusing on how many likes does a post get. It has been identified as a method of combating mental health issues that arose from the platform.


Going by the reports, the like-free world is mostly here to stay and thus, an influencer has to work on his/her strategy quickly. This move would ensure that people focus on the quality of content posted instead of likes attracted by a post. For an existing Instagram presence, the number of likes may seem to be at a plateau or might witness a drop. Thus, a person must focus on a strategy that covers multiple channels which helps in the faster growth of the page concerning the number of likes. Thus, a person must work on a feed strategy which can either be aesthetic in nature or can be spontaneous in nature. The former works the best for a brand while the latter strategy is a go-to for an influencer. Thus, Instagram must be used to express the tone of our voices and share our views and opinions.


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