The world of the internet has its own language of coding and well, currency as well. That’s bitcoin for you.

Bitcoin can be explained well as a digital currency that can be used for anonymous or low-cost transactions. Why a digital currency is necessary?

People deal with all kinds of things online. While the internet is a great place, it is just as darker. Manipulation of information is very easy on this platform. That’s why people who are very concerned about privacy prefer to deal in bitcoin over sites.

Now, one of the major businesses over the internet is web hosting. It is nothing but the purchase and selling of websites or domains. One party sells the domain to another while doing the job of maintaining it. This is where bitcoins can be used. A lot of people prefer this exchange. And this exchange between bitcoins web hosting sites is called ‘Bitcoin Web Hosting’.

Bitcoin Hosting offers multiple plans for those who want basic no-frills hosting service and for those who want dedicated server hosting. One of them being bitcoin dedicated servers or ‘bitcoin dedicated hosting’.

What exactly are bitcoin’s dedicated servers?

These hosts offer dedicated private servers for sites that require more resources. This is a suitable plan for larger webmasters and companies.

What does this plan have to offer?

As mentioned before this plan is suitable for big traffic websites, CPU-intensive applications or complex databases that require high performance dedicated resources. And to maintain this sophisticated level of performance there are a lot of features. Following are some of them:

Unmetered bandwidth

For ultra-fast connectivity with no speed or traffic volume limitations.

RAID storage

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about losing your data at all. The RAID disk configuration will look after it.


This is in the context of an easy configuration setup. It is a common feature offered by almost every host provider. So, don’t settle down for any lesser than this.

Quick setup

A lot of hosts will provide you with your setup in a minimum of 24 hours deadline. It could be slightly more than this since it is an average estimate only.

A lot of other features are added to this plan depending on the provider. So, do a bit of research and then decide.

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