July 30, 2020


Want to know whether there are any valuable reasons for adding proxy servers to your usual online tools? Of course, proxies can significantly improve your Internet experience. But as a smart person, you should make a wise decision before purchasing such services.

Why a proxy can be useful

Using proxies is common nowadays, as they allow you to do myriads of cool things on the web.  Here is what you should know about their strong points.

1. A proxy masks your real IP

It is probably the most marvelous feature of the proxies. With the help of a proxy server, the site you are accessing won’t be able to identify your personal data, because it will work with the IP of the server instead of yours. In simple words, you are relatively anonymous while surfing the Internet.

2.  Geo-blocked content is available

Some websites offer content and services that are locked behind geographic restrictions. It usually happens because of network rules as well as copyright issues. However, proxies camouflage your IP address, so content providers can’t stop you from reaching the sites that are blocked in your area. An excellent illustration of this benefit is using a DE prox to watch live streams from ZDF.

3. Page speed may be significantly increased

This can be explained by the fact that proxies usually cache data. Once they visit particular web sites, they save them for another time. Buy proxy from a reliable world-class provider to be sure you get the best and fastest proxies ever existed.

4. Proxies protect from malicious sites

Proxies can stop users from visiting web sources that might contain harmful stuff. And if you accidentally visit a malicious site, any dangerous scripts it might carry would affect the proxy but your computer would be safe. However, you shouldn’t rely only on this defense mechanism.