User experience (UX) is one of the most critical aspects in measuring the success of a website’s design. It’s more than just creating a striking visual. From navigations to scrolling effects and kinetic typography, every student who takes a web design and UX design course in Singapore can learn a thing or two about the latest web design trends.

Without further ado, here are some of the most inspiring web design trends you can use for your future website project to attract more traffic or online visits.


Even those taking web design and digital marketing introduction might be familiar with the term itself. In the world of web development and design, minimalism is a design-defying convention of what a website should look like, with only the bare necessities available. It means the site should only have the simplest interface without all the unnecessary glitters and elements that can take up space. It might look too plain for some. Nonetheless, it is often effective.

Illustrated web design

Some web pages can replace photography with creative illustrations, and it’s becoming a prevalent design trend today. One of the many reasons many prefer illustrations over photography is its sheer simplicity, having smaller file sizes that lead to faster load speed and the creative possibility to showcase your brand.

Monochromatic design

Students taking a web design or user experience design course in Singapore might be more familiar with a monochromatic design. Monochromatic-styled web pages are gaining more traction and popularity due to their clean and simple appearance that uses a single colour to draw attention and create emphasis.

Embedded videos for homepages

Videos are fun and informative. Today’s webmasters are choosing video as a primary banner for your website’s homepage pleasing way to inform your visitors what to expect. It also allows faster loading time to your website without losing the viewer to another page while giving them a sneak peek about your brand or goods.

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