November 20, 2020


One of the most helpful applications through which you can keep a track of your near and dear ones is the keylogger application. Though the keylogger application is a kind of tool that most cybercriminals use, you can also use the same to keep track or know the record of the online activity which your kids or spouse does. Keylogger is a very intelligent software that is specially made to record the keystrokes that are made by the users. Keylogger application is a kind of cyber threat and is mostly used by cybercriminals. In this, the keystroke hackers/ loggers record the information that you type into a website or any application and send it back to the third party. In short, your online activities can now be easily monitored by cybercriminals.

Used by Cyber Criminals

There are many online sites related to the same which will tell you about how to install a keylogger. After you have followed the guidelines for installation you can start using it remotely from your device and get all the records and information related to a particular individual against whom you are using this tool or application. Cybercriminals most of the time use keylogger tools to steal the information of their rival which is private and also their financial details so that later they can blackmail them and extract the money or use it for their benefits or sell it off to third parties. A keylogger has legal uses also. Firstly, it can be used in companies which are known as corporate keylogger app. This is mostly used to keep a track of the work performance of their employees and much more.

Legal Links Available

Secondly, for the sake of surveillance purposes, the keylogger application is used by departments like law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It is a very helpful tool. How to put a keylogger on a computer? For this, you will have to check the sites which are good and trustworthy as they provide the link through which you can put the keylogger application on a computer. You will get the links only from a reliable site that provides the link legally. It is because the keylogger tool has now become legal, only some sites are there which bans the information due to the threat of excessive misuse.

Useful for the IT Dept. & Law Enforcement

Keylogger application will pivotally collect all the online activity details and send it to the keylogger or hacker or on their device. It mainly sends the information to the third parties who can be anybody like a criminal, Income Tax department and law enforcement, etc. Many legal sites are trustworthy and will tell the users how to use a keylogger. You can also use the keylogger for Facebook where you can trace the social media activity of your child or spouse or as the case may be. One of the simplest forms of collecting the information is that it is typed into a single website or an application. There is a sophisticated form of keylogger which is available through which you can record everything that the user is typing no matter what the application is.